Peter Quinn

By - 1/24/06 - 11:41 pm

Groklaw has the first interview with Peter Quinn since he stepped down as CIO after the firestorm caused by his proposal to use an open (i.e., non-Microsoft) document format. Among the issues he discusses: Who fed the Globe what turned out to be a bogus front-page article alleging possible wrong-doing because he spoke at several open-source conferences:

By - 12/12/05 - 8:15 pm

David's been wondering about the now bogus story about the alleged improprieties of state CIO Peter Quinn going to open-source computing conferences (to talk about the state's proposal for an open-source document standard). He does something about it:

... It does make you wonder where the Massachusetts government got the wrong information that prompted the false accusations and the article in the first place. Did the Romney administration fall for a Microsoft smear? I've sent Stephen Kurkjian an email, asking.

By - 12/11/05 - 9:25 pm

Just in case you missed it, a top Romney official now says the head of the state's IT department did nothing wrong in going to conferences on open-source software. Seems Eric Kriss approved all of Peter Quinn's travels - but didn't bother to tell anybody when the Globe Spotlight Team (or Stephen Kurkjian, at any rate) began asking questions about it. Charley says:

By - 11/28/05 - 10:24 pm

Charley wonders if the Romney administration's new investigation of the travels of IT Division Director Peter Quinn has anything to do with a desire to coddle up to Microsoft - which opposes Quinn's proposal for an open document format not supported by Microsoft Word. At issue are several trips he made to, gasp, conferences on open-source software in business and government.