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Thomas Menino

By Douglas Bennett - 12/29/13 - 9:57 am

Outgoing Mayor Thomas Menino has publically said he will not attend Mayor-Elect Martin Walsh's Inauguration on January 6, 2014. Instead Menino will meet Walsh privately earlier that morning for a private handoff of power. Menino states that the reason why he will miss the inauguration is because he is going on vacation.

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By adamg - 1/23/12 - 9:10 am

On Top Magazine reports on comments Menino made Friday in support of a new campaign to push for same-sex marriage in places that don't already allow it:

It was nearly 8 years ago that my city was the first large city in the country to marry same-sex couples. ... Back then it was a huge deal. Huge. I'm here to tell you that marriage for gay couples has made my city of Boston a much better place to live.

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