Senator Scott Brown

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Huffington Post:

NEW YORK -- Scott Brown recently got in hot water for falsely claiming that his Senate race opponent, Elizabeth Warren, was using paid actors in her commercials. But it turns out that Brown is perhaps the one who should have known more about the people appearing in his ads.

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Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) has lost the endorsement of Boston Boxing legend Micky Ward, the subject of the 2010 biopic The Fighter after Ward learned that Brown opposes LGBT rights and labor unions.

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Both Andy Hiller of WHDH and the Morning Joe crew noted how Scott Brown is tiptoeing right up to bullying Warren. Character judgments aside, he is blowing a big hole in his 'Nice Guy' bona fides.

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Scott Brown has been running a TV ad which ends with him stating that he is the “same Scott Brown.” Yes, Scott, you most definitely ARE.

You are the SAME Scott Brown who aligned himself with the Mass. Family Institute as well as Mitt Romney and continually voted against Marriage Equality.

You are the SAME Scott Brown who put forth an amendment in 2005 to allow rape victims to be turned away from a hospital if a health care provider had a religious objection to giving emergency contraception.

You are the SAME Scott Brown who went to King Philip High and swore at students

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What changed since the Massachusetts AFL-CIO endorsed Scott Brown in 2008? Mostly Brown's positions.

by Laura Clawson

In 2008, the Massachusetts AFL-CIO endorsed Scott Brown in his race for state Senate. In 2012, it's a different story. In a Labor Day op-ed Boston newspapers wouldn't run, Steven Tolman, president of the state labor federation, writes that in 2008,

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On September 7, Republican Scott Brown commented on the new jobs report and claimed he "will be a fighter for jobs." But his record as US Senator says otherwise, which makes me wonder, how does Scott Brown fit into the Republican strategy of obstruction and will the press hold him accountable?

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[float=right]IMAGE([/float]Rethink Brown has a new report that looks a Scott Brown's record during two years as US Senator.

The report is organized in four parts;

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The Karma of Dirty Politics
by Jerold Duquette

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Scott Brown... "He's For Us." ...the unemployed are "them" not "us"

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On Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012, protesters gathered outside a Dracut restaurant in response to Republican U.S. Sen Scott Brown's decision to back a Republican bill which would allow employers or insurers to deny health care coverage of procedures or prescriptions based on religious or moral convictions.