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By - 6/10/13 - 11:09 am

The Supreme Judicial Court today overturned a Hudson man's conviction for plying his underage daughter with spiked lemonade, but said he was guilty of contributing to the delinquency of a minor for serving the same booze to her even more underage friend, because state law gives parents the right to serve liquor to their children.

By - 6/9/13 - 1:15 pm

Devastation after the Worcester tornado

June 9, 1953 was hot and humid. The weather bureau predicted thunderstorms, some possibly severe, for central Massachusetts. It got those storms - and an F4 tornado that touched down to the northwest of Worcester, creating a trail of death and destruction that ended only at the Framingham line, after the Fayville post office was flattened. In all, 96 people died that day.

Among the photographers who rushed to chronicle the damage was, of course, Leslie Jones:

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So this guy out in the Berkshires gets his license taken away after his second OUI conviction, appeals 10 years later to get it reinstated, to which the state agrees on condition he install one of those in-dash breath-tester gizmos, which he installs, only then he takes it out and gets caught and has his license taken away.

And then, two years later, he's stopped again and charged with violating the "ignition interlock device" condition and is convicted on that charge.

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Armando Sajous captured a trolley speeding down the turnpike near Springfield, on its way to a New York facility for an overhaul.

Bet you didn't know Green Line trolleys can do 65.

Via Boston Reddit.

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WBZ provides the basics - this time the chemist is out in Amherst, not JP.

Michael Ratty:

Guessing Herald hed: "DEUX-KHAN"

Steve Annear:


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In a lawsuit filed yesterday, AMD charged that a former vice president and three managers at its Boxborough plant left for jobs at rival NVidia only after copying more than 100,000 confidential documents to take with them to their new jobs.

The suit, filed in US District Court in Worcester against Robert Feldstein and three managers, seeks the return of the files and, naturally, large sums of money, under the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and a Massachusetts trade-secrets law. AMD says the files cover everything from details of upcoming AMD technology to contracts with large customers.

By - 1/4/13 - 7:17 am

Maureen Rogers reviews the dismal attendance at Gillette Stadium for UMass football games - and the $5 million the state school is paying in rent:

What's wrong with having a nice little local program? Play the other New England state universities, and schools like Holy Cross? Why not keep it on campus, where students can attend more easily? What's wrong with 13,000 people watching a football game on a nice Indian Summer day? Does it have to be 90,000 diehards screaming for blood?

By - 11/14/12 - 7:43 am

You know it's bad, Lee Ann Hooley tweets this morning, when the conductor announces "If you do need to get into town quickly, I suggest you drive."

Hooley and AsianKerr were among the hostages this morning on the Fitchburg Line, where yet another choo-choo went bye-bye, forcing commuters to wait for another train to come up and get hitched to their train for the long, even slower ride into Boston.

AsianKerr was onboard the 6:30 train when she tweeted at 6:50:

By - 9/29/12 - 9:38 am

Green Line trolley on the turnpike

Roving UHub photographer Will Bussiere was roving all the way out in Charlton yesterday when he spotted a Green Line trolley on the back of a flatbed on the turnpike. No clue why.


By - 9/12/12 - 8:21 pm

Massachusetts officials say an emerald ash borer was found in Dalton in the western part of the state on Aug. 31, the first time the destructive pest has been detected in the state.

By - 9/11/12 - 6:55 am

Davis looks at a coach in Korea. Photo via MBTA.Davis looks at unfinished coach in Korea. Photo via MBTA.

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Autism Intervention Specialists of Worcester and principal Nassim Aoude today filed a federal libel suit against a New Hampshire man who says it peddles "horseshit" because it refuses to accept his theory that autism is caused by mercury in vaccines.

In its suit, filed in US District Court in Boston, Autism Intervention Specialists wants John Best's blog posts about it replaced with retractions and a suitably large, if unspecified, amount of damages.

By - 7/25/12 - 1:59 pm

The Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled today a state law on bank embezzlement should not have been used to prosecute a Worcester couple convicted of staging a fake robbery so that they could make off with money from the credit union where the wife worked.

The court said state law specifically refers to banks, not federal credit unions, such as the Wyman-Gordon Federal Credit Union where they staged a fake robbery in 2002. The court cited a 1903 ruling by the US Supreme Court that, in fact, states could not enact criminal laws related specifically to financial institutions with federal charters.

By - 6/15/12 - 11:35 am

The Supreme Judicial Court today overturned the involuntary-manslaughter conviction of a Milford woman who didn't seek medical help when giving birth to a baby in the breech position at home.

The state's highest court ruled the state failed to prove the baby would have been born alive or could have been saved even if Alissa Pugh had sought help and that the judge also erred by "imposing a criminal law duty on a woman in childbirth to seek medical assistance." The court added:

By - 2/29/12 - 5:06 pm

A federal appeals court today upheld a North Grafton man's nine-year prison sentence for possession and distribution of child pornography over the Internet.

T. Patrick Kearney argued FBI agents didn't have probable cause for a search warrant of his house - which resulted in the seizure of computers with images of children engaged in sexual acts - because his Internet service provider assigned him a dynamic, or temporary, IP address and that there was inadequate proof that he was the one actually using that address to upload copies of the images.

By - 2/24/12 - 7:24 pm

Grabauskas has a lei-away plan.

Honolulu is building an el (a $5.3-billion el) and the people in charge want to hire our own Dan Grabauskas to oversee it. Wonder if he gets an SUV out of the deal.

His current boss, at the Bronner Group, couldn't be more thrilled: