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North Point Park

By adamg - 8/8/19 - 10:09 am

The Charles River Conservancy hopes to install a "floating wetlands" at North Point Park next spring to test whether the reintroduction of wetlands to the Charles River basin could shield enough microscopic animals to eat and so control the bacteria that now sometimes turn that stretch of river into a hazard to both man and beast. Read more.

By adamg - 2/12/18 - 10:26 am
Zakim Bridge from the North Point Bridge

Nick Gillham took a walk on the North Point pedestrian bridge last night.

Copyright Nick Gillham. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr..

By adamg - 5/27/17 - 10:16 am
By adamg - 2/26/16 - 12:18 pm
Dive boat in Charles River

Aly watched a diver go into the Charles near North Point Park on the Cambridge side of the Charles this morning, near one of two areas pointed to by a search dog. Searchers have focused on the area around the train bridge just past North Station as they look for Zachary Marr, last seen outside the Bell in Hand downtown on Feb. 13.

By adamg - 1/28/16 - 11:53 pm
The Zakim Bridge from North Point Park in Cambridge

Nick Cosky took a walk tonight on the bridge that connects North Point Park in Cambridge with Paul Revere Park in Charlestown.

JB Parrett, meanwhile, also visited North Point Park this evening, and watched the sunset over the Museum of Science: Read more.

By adamg - 11/15/15 - 6:50 pm
Skater at new Lynch skatepark in North Point Park
By adamg - 11/2/15 - 6:27 am
Plane over Zakim Bridge in Boston

Nick Cosky was taking a long-exposure photo of the Zakim from North Point Park in Cambridge when a plane flew by last night.

By adamg - 6/19/15 - 4:14 pm
Tracks in North Point Park

JB Parrett didn't have to worry about oncoming trains as he stood where the actual train tracks used to be in North Point Park on the Cambridge side of the Charles.

By adamg - 4/22/15 - 3:20 pm

The long fabled, often rumored skatepark next to the Zakim Bridge could actually be on its way. Sure, like everybody else, we always ran the annual story about the thing being near a start, but this time the Charles River Conservancy assures us they mean it: Construction is no longer imminent, it has actually started.

By adamg - 4/12/15 - 3:56 pm
Stairway and wheel at North Point Park

David Parsons snapped the scene at North Point Park.

Copyright David Parsons. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By adamg - 11/17/14 - 3:47 pm
North Point Park in the rain

JB Parrett braved the elements to show us North Point Park in Cambridge this afternoon.

By adamg - 9/25/12 - 2:40 pm
Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos on the river today

Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos on the river today.

The official groundbreaking for EF's new North American headquarters in Cambridge had all the traditional elements: Politicians - from the mayor of Cambridge to the governor of the Commonwealth - spoke. Silver-handled shovels were held. And Passion Pit gave a concert.

By adamg - 9/25/12 - 9:30 am

Cat power

Lucy Johnstone captured the mood at North Point Park in Cambridge the other night.

By adamg - 9/6/12 - 10:01 am

The Charles River Conservancy and the state Department of Conservation and Recreation will hold two public hearings - Sept. 19 and Oct. 10 - on current plans for the fabled North Point skatepark, which has been promised for land near the Zakim for longer than some skateboarders have probably been alive.

The people actually designing the skatepark - who have designed other skate areas across the country - will attend to hear comments and suggestions on the proposed design.

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