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By mcshugar - 5/22/24 - 10:19 am

A mighty little light particle has jogged (read: teleported?) its first quantum marathon around the universal hub in a groundbreaking new scientific study. Harvard phsyicists used existing Boston-area telecommunication fiber networks to send the particle over a roughly 22-mile loop through Cambridge, Somerville, Watertown, and Boston between two quantum computers located a floor apart in Harvard labs.

Think of it as a simple, closed internet between point A and B, carrying a signal encoded not by classical bits like the existing internet, but by perfectly secure, individual particles of light.

By P2501 - 4/25/19 - 10:24 pm

A bald eagle was enjoying the sunset this evening by the Weeks bridge just outside of Harvard Square. Despite the views it only stayed for a moment before flying further up river, pursued by an aggressive crow and the constant honking of panicked geese

By OriginallyFromDotParker - 3/21/19 - 8:31 pm

Matthew S. Schwartz of NPR reports on a lawsuit against the Ol' Crimson brought by one Tamara Lanier. Per Lanier "Papa Renty" is the patriarch of her family. And in a lawsuit filed Wednesday, she says Harvard is using those photos without permission — and in so doing, profiting from photos taken by a racist professor determined to prove the inferiority of black people."

By OriginallyFromDotParker - 3/20/19 - 10:04 am

A federal complaint filed on behalf of a Harvard College student is shedding light on how the school handles disability rights and accommodations for Harvard students with disabilities.

By WalkBoston - 4/12/18 - 5:27 pm

Tuesday’s meeting hosted by WalkBoston and the Charles River Conservancy about how MassDOT’s reconstruction of the Mass Pike in Allston can Unchoke the Charles River Throat brought out 150 people and a renewed emphasis on the need for the project to prioritize removing barriers, creating connections and healthy transportation. Read more.

By harvardruleswatch - 4/17/16 - 2:59 pm

How Harvard Rules--Bob A. Feldman

`How Harvard Rules" public domain folk song lyrics indicate why BRA shouldn't have recently approved tax-exempt and "non-profit" Harvard University Inc.'s latest real estate development/gentrification and campus expansion project in Allston neighborhood of Boston. And the "How Harvard Rules" public domain folk song lyrics also indicate why Harvard University Inc. should be required to pay a fair share of local Cambridge and Boston property taxes and Massachusetts state corporation taxes in 2016.

By michaeljawesome - 3/8/13 - 12:55 pm

Local indie band The Dotted Eyes posted a video today that is clips of scenic Boston and Cambridge. Who can name all of the locations?

By massmarrier - 3/18/11 - 5:09 pm

Wheeling up from lower Hyde Park, I swung over to the Porter Square Bob Slates. I thought of Lily Tomlin - they don't care; they don't have to; they're closing.

A half dozen of us, all of whom had shopped the mini-chain for a long time were browsing. Everyone felt compelled to tell the two Bob Slate Stationer clerks how sorry they were the stores were closing. We didn't get any feel-good in return.

Oddly, the store had virtually nothing discounted. The calendars were 50% off, but hell, Borders did that the first week in January. Customer after customer would ask what the discounts were, only to hear that if it wasn't marked with a red slash, as nearly nothing was, it was full price.

Repeated word from the clerks was that the Church Street Harvard Square store had to clean up and get out before the end of the month, so its last day was Sunday. The bigger Mass Ave Harvard Square one would close a week later. Then all the remaining merchandise would move to Porter for the End of Paper Days.

By Anonymous - 2/27/11 - 3:42 am

"We won't pay for your crisis"

If you have $3 in your wallet, you have more money than Bank of America paid in corporate taxes last year. On Saturday, USuncut took peaceful action against the Bank of America branch in Harvard Square by protesting the unfair tax code and drawing attention to that fact this ginourmous Bank of America happily profits from taxpayer-funded bailouts and banking business but avoids paying almost anything in Federal taxes.

By nilagia - 4/12/10 - 9:56 am

It's not every day you get to see a laser show at the Cambridge Public Library, but that is exactly the event that will kick off the 4th Annual Cambridge Science Festival.

The festival will run from April 24-May 2, 2010, with hundreds of events taking place throughout Cambridge. Organized by MIT, the festival will feature over 200 workshops, demonstrations, behind-the-scenes tours, talks, performances and more, open to the public, and almost all of it free. The idea behind the festival is to make science and technology accessible and fun for people of all ages and backgrounds. It all kicks off with a free Science Carnival featuring a specially commissioned laser show and 89 booths of fun experiments and demonstrations for all ages, Saturday, April 24th, 12pm-4pm, Cambridge Public Library, 449 Broadway. Laser show begins at Noon.

Other highlights of this year's festival include:

“Big Ideas for Busy People” on Festival Eve, April 23rd. This free event is a short series of talks on mind-bending concepts from leading local researchers in a variety of scientific fields.

By JosephPorcelli - 12/17/08 - 5:39 pm

UH fellow do-gooders,

We are hiring for the following positions at Be the Change, Inc. / ServiceNation:

1) Director of Communications (Boston-Based)
2) Director of Development (Boston)
3) Online Organizer (Boston)
4) Director of Government Affairs (DC)
5) Manager of Ambassador's Council (Los Angeles)
6) Chief of Staff (Boston)
7) Chief Operating Officer (Boston)
8) Director of Military Outreach (DC)
9) Writer (Boston)

For more information please see http://www.servicenation.org

By caravaggiste - 11/8/08 - 6:35 pm

Sunday, November 9, 2008, 12:00-3:00pm, CENTRAL SQUARE, CAMBRIDGE
Mass Ave. & Main St.; Technology Square Park


By Arborway - 7/6/07 - 12:52 pm

Another entry in the NorthPoint development saga:

It seems that only those living or working at NorthPoint will get easy access to the station.

Just what I wanted, another bait-and-switch.

By sooz - 12/8/06 - 12:03 pm

The office building at 1 Broadway in Cambridge's Kendall Square is reported to be on fire with about 30 people trapped on the roof (as of a Boston Globe report at 11:30AM). I used to rent space in that building from the Cambridge Innovation Center. Yikes!

More info at Boston.com.

By emily sweeney - 8/5/06 - 1:28 am

...it's a short silent film called "The Unhappy Medium," (directed by Chelsea Spear) and it's being screened outdoors, right in the middle of Harvard Square, on the Lumen Eclipse billboard display....all throughout the month of August:


(In case you're wondering, I play the role of the mean ol' spirit medium in this one...)

- E.S.

By BostonDirt - 12/30/05 - 10:59 pm

I just sign-up this Free service.  Some of their multimedia features caught my interest are:

- an online video blogging feature: simply drag & drop videos and publish instantly,

- an online recording for podcast: you can even record Skype conversation and use it for your own podcasting, 

- another interesting feature is the "Audio slideshow" - you just need to upload your digital photos and record some narration online, you then got a
"Talkingslideshow; It's great for Show' N Tell your stories.

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