By - 4/22/17 - 9:05 pm

The Patriot Ledger reports that state Rep. David Linsky (D-Natick) has filed a bill to make Roadrunner by Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers the Official Rock Song of the Commonwealth.

This is the third time the legislature will consider the measure. The first time, in 2013, the bill was sponsored by then state Rep. Martin Walsh (D-Dorchester).

By - 1/16/17 - 9:47 pm

In its daily word tweet today, Merriam-Webster writes:

The difference between a commonwealth & a state is
1) modern moonlight
2) 128 when it's dark outside
3) imaginary

H/t Chris Devers.

By - 11/4/15 - 9:46 am

State Sen. Bob Hedlund won election as mayor of Weymouth last night. Hedlund was one of the two sponsors of a bill to make Roadrunner the official Rock Song of the Commonwealth. The last time the song was up for the honor, its main sponsor, state Rep. Marty Walsh, got himself elected mayor, too, and the measure died.

The other sponsor of this year's bill, David Linsky, is from Natick, which doesn't have a mayor.

By - 10/17/15 - 2:55 pm

Jim Sullivan reports the Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight holds a hearing Tuesday on a bill that would make "Roadrunner" the official rock song of the Commonwealth.

Among those expected to testify: Joyce Linehan, whose earlier campaign to get the song enshrined in the list of official state things led to her to then state Rep. Marty Walsh, who agreed to lead the pro-Roadrunner campaign only to have it interrupted by him getting elected mayor.

This time, state Sen. Bob Hedlund (R-Weymouth) and state Rep. David Linsky (D-Natick) are the ones going faster miles an hour to elevate Jonathan Richman's song to the state pantheon.

By - 3/30/15 - 12:08 pm

Legislators could have their hands full this year considering eight bills designating new official Things of the Commonwealth. And, yes, Modern Lovers fans, one of those is a measure designating "Roadrunner" the official Rock Song of the Commonwealth -- you can't keep a good Modern Lover down.

Also in the works: Proposals for an official Seasoning of the Commonwealth, an official revolver, an official organic public park, an official amphibian, an official county song, an official sculptor and an official Tai Chi form. Details:

By - 1/7/15 - 6:46 am

The Guardian reports the end of the legislative session this week means the death of a bill - originally sponsored by then state Rep. Marty Walsh - to make "Roadrunner" an official symbol of the Commonwealth.

By - 12/18/13 - 8:34 am

Roadrunner - The Modern Lovers - best version? you decide

The legislature's Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight holds a hearing tomorrow on whether to make "Roadrunner" the official state rock song. About time for this paean to the joys of driving around the Boston area with the radio on, except apparently some of the legislature's lesser lights are still pushing "Dream On," a song that has absolutely nothing at all to do with Massachusetts, except maybe for that time last year when it resulted in Comm. Ave. being shut down.

Making the case for Roadrunner, we hope, will be still-state Rep. Marty Walsh, who introduced the bill to honor the song before he started running for mayor.

By - 2/17/13 - 3:21 pm

State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz will support efforts to make "Roadrunner" the official Rock Song of the Commonwealth. Mark Krone posts a copy of a note Michlewitz sent him:

I am a full supporter of making Roadrunner the official Rock song of the Commonwealth.

To give you a little history, my aunt Ellie was a member of The Modern Lovers from 1977-1983 and Jonathan actually sang at my first birthday, so I am certainly happy to see him getting this type of recognition after all these years.