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Douglas Bennett

By Douglas Bennett - 1/1/14 - 8:51 am

Former Boston Mayor Ray Flynn starts off 2014 with an editorial in today's Boston Herald about the need to help those who are less fortunate with less money available today. Flynn states:

Boston is not the city it should be. We must begin to turn our attention once again to building strong families and affordable neighborhoods. It’s not too late. We have a city with many caring and concerned citizens. The only thing that stands in our way of being a great city is our political will.

By Douglas Bennett - 12/30/13 - 6:18 am

You know when you are heading for victory when anonymous posters attack and ridicule you. It always out of fear, hatred, and jealousy that these "stalker trolls" attack you when you are on the brink of success and triumph.

My good friend Moe Love obviously does not like the fact that yes I am a former Republican. However, fortunately I am in good company.

By Douglas Bennett - 12/29/13 - 9:57 am

Outgoing Mayor Thomas Menino has publically said he will not attend Mayor-Elect Martin Walsh's Inauguration on January 6, 2014. Instead Menino will meet Walsh privately earlier that morning for a private handoff of power. Menino states that the reason why he will miss the inauguration is because he is going on vacation.

To read, click here.

By Douglas Bennett - 12/20/13 - 12:45 pm

The race to succeed Mayor-Elect Marty Walsh as the 13th Suffolk District State Representative has begun. Boston Police Officer Tony Dang, a Big-Time organizer for Marty Walsh in both the Vietnamese Communities and all of Dorchester in Walsh's triumphant candidacy to become Boston's Mayor succeeding Tom Menino, has entered the race.

By Douglas Bennett - 12/4/13 - 4:11 pm

After the arbitratrator submitted a 12 page explanation that the Boston Police Department should receive their 25.4% raise because of the new threat of terrorism in Boston, the Boston City Council unanimously voted to support the salary increase.

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By Douglas Bennett - 11/30/13 - 9:33 am

Wayne Wilson was a good man who passed away on November 15, 2013. Wayne was a resident of Ward 19 in Jamaica Plain and was a hardcore Progressive Democrat who was traveling around his State Senate District visiting the local Democrats in effort to challenge Mike Rush for the Senate seat in the September 9, 2014 Democratic Primary. Wayne was very active in local Democratic politics. I last saw him on November 12, 2013 at the Ward 19 Democrats where he was an active member in Karen Paine's organization.

By Douglas Bennett - 11/26/13 - 11:14 am

You know when you are heading for victory when anonymous posters attack and ridicule you. It always out of fear, hatred, and jealousy that these "stalker trolls" attack you when you are on the brink of success and triumph.

My good friend Moe Love obviously does not like the fact that yes I am a former Republican. However, fortunately I am in good company.

My opponent Steve Tompkins, a Press Secretary, registered as a Democrat only this past April 1, 2013 according to the Boston Elections Department. Before that he was a Republican.

By Douglas Bennett - 11/8/13 - 12:54 pm

Nancy Rabinowitz, reporter for Wicked Local Roslindale and the West Roxbury Transcript, wrote a terrific analysis about all the political action that took place at Holy Name Parish on Tuesday November 5, 2013. Holy Name Parish, the home of four precincts (Ward 20, Precinct 6, 7, 19, and 20) had over three thousand voters cast ballots on Tuesday.

To read, click here.

By Douglas Bennett - 11/1/13 - 11:16 am

The new Suffolk University Poll conducted by David Paleologos is out today. What we already knew was the Boston Mayoral Contest is razor thin with Martin Walsh surging to a 3 point lead over John Connolly with a 5.5% plus/minus margin of error.

By Douglas Bennett - 10/23/13 - 9:10 am

A new poll out today shows, John Connolly clinging to a two point lead over rival Martin Walsh according to WBUR with less than two weeks to the November 5, 2013 election.


By Douglas Bennett - 10/21/13 - 9:03 am
Civil Rights Leader and Boston Legend Mel King celebrated his 85th Birthday with loved ones and supporters at City Year located at 287 Columbus Avenue on October 20th, 2013.
By Douglas Bennett - 10/16/13 - 6:15 am

REVERE- At the Christopher Columbus Day Parade held in Revere on October 14, 2013, Interim Suffolk County Sheriff Steven Tompkins once again lost control of himself when he began acting like an animal, and threatened to “kick his opponent’s (Bennett) ass…”

By Douglas Bennett - 10/8/13 - 12:09 pm

Former Mayoral Candidates John Barros and Felix Arroyo endorsed Martin Walsh for Boston Mayor today. Inclinations why these endorsements occurred had to do with Arroyo supporting Walsh because of his union support and Barros supporting Walsh due to his differences with Connolly regarding the Boston Public School system and Barros being a former School committee member.

I expect Charlotte Golar Richie to endorse Connolly later in the week which will neutralize the impact of these endorsements.

By Douglas Bennett - 10/2/13 - 8:27 am

Boston Magazine's David Bernstein wanted to apologize for his tweet that he sent out poking fun at Former Boston Mayoral Candidate Charlotte Golar Richie on election night:

Election night, I was at the loud and crowded Marty Walsh event, where I saw but didn't really hear Richie's concession speech on screen. And knowing that by the end of the campaign she was pretty annoyed at a lot of her critics (myself included), I tweeted what I intended as a joke about what Richie really wanted to say to everybody, which I sent as: “#CharGofuckyourselves”.

By Douglas Bennett - 10/1/13 - 2:47 pm

Today, Boston Mayoral Candidate John Connolly announced he will vote against the 25% pay raise awarded to the BPD through arbitration. A few days ago, Martin Walsh criticized outgoing Mayor Thomas Menino for acting irresponsibly in his negotiations with police.

To read Connolly's stance click here.

By Douglas Bennett - 9/15/13 - 9:28 am

The ever tightening race for Boston Mayor has taken a new twist as Former State Representative and Former Menino and Deval Patrick Lieutenant Charlotte Golar Richie has surged into 2nd place in a new Boston Globe Poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire with a plus or minus 4.8% margin of error.

By Douglas Bennett - 9/3/13 - 10:06 am

Click on this link to watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZszLm-CCmio&feature=player_detailpage

Jean Jackson, the owner of La Paix barber shop at 1059 Hyde Park Avenue in Boston, testifies how Suffolk County Interim Sheriff Steven Tompkins unlawfully pulled out his badge and demanded that the store owner remove Douglas Bennett for Sheriff's sign "because it was too early to put up campaign signs..."

By Douglas Bennett - 8/22/13 - 6:45 am

BOSTON- Steven Tompkins will face a BMC Roxbury District Court Criminal Magistrate over Theft and Property Destruction on September 10, 2013.

Suffolk County Interim Sheriff Steven Tompkins of 106 Williams Street in Hyde Park will face a Criminal Magistrate over the theft and property destruction of rival Sheriff Candidate Douglas Bennett’s campaign signs in Egleston Square in Roxbury last Wednesday August 14, 2013 between 2-3PM.

In many of these thefts and destructions of personal property, Mr. Tompkins, along with another Commonwealth of Massachusetts employee from the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department, proceeded in entering these store fronts and identifying himself as the Sheriff of Suffolk County, pulling out his “sheriff’s badge” and demanding that the store owner remove the sign or they would get “on his (Tompkins') bad side.”

Attached with this press release is:

1. The Notice of the Magistrate Hearing pertaining to BMC Roxbury District Court Criminal Complaint Docket #1302AC001538,

2. Boston Police Department Incident Report #130522530, and

3. A complaint from Bennett to the Massachusetts State Ethics Commission Enforcement Division asking to investigate Tompkins’ actions from August 14, 2013.

By Douglas Bennett - 8/14/13 - 8:33 am

West Roxbury Patch Editor David Ertischek does a great job summing up the Candidates Night for Boston Mayor and City Council which took place this past Monday evening at St. George's Church hall which was packed with residents and co-hosted by the Bellevue Hill Improvement Association and West Roxbury Civic & Improvement Association.

To read, click here.

By Douglas Bennett - 8/8/13 - 9:59 am

According to Political Analyst Maryann Marsh, Cape and Islands state Senator Dan Wolf is going to quit the 2014 Governor’s race.

Click here to read more: http://www.capecodtoday.com/article/2013/08/07/21071-wolf-reported-have-dropped-out-guvs-race

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