Boston Mayor's race

By - 10/8/13 - 12:09 pm

Former Mayoral Candidates John Barros and Felix Arroyo endorsed Martin Walsh for Boston Mayor today. Inclinations why these endorsements occurred had to do with Arroyo supporting Walsh because of his union support and Barros supporting Walsh due to his differences with Connolly regarding the Boston Public School system and Barros being a former School committee member.

I expect Charlotte Golar Richie to endorse Connolly later in the week which will neutralize the impact of these endorsements.

By - 10/2/13 - 8:27 am

Boston Magazine's David Bernstein wanted to apologize for his tweet that he sent out poking fun at Former Boston Mayoral Candidate Charlotte Golar Richie on election night:

Election night, I was at the loud and crowded Marty Walsh event, where I saw but didn't really hear Richie's concession speech on screen. And knowing that by the end of the campaign she was pretty annoyed at a lot of her critics (myself included), I tweeted what I intended as a joke about what Richie really wanted to say to everybody, which I sent as: “#CharGofuckyourselves”.

By - 8/14/13 - 8:33 am

West Roxbury Patch Editor David Ertischek does a great job summing up the Candidates Night for Boston Mayor and City Council which took place this past Monday evening at St. George's Church hall which was packed with residents and co-hosted by the Bellevue Hill Improvement Association and West Roxbury Civic & Improvement Association.

To read, click here.

By - 7/16/13 - 10:26 am

According to Dave Wedge of the Boston Herald, Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley will launch five TV commercials that will run on both local and cable networks starting today until at least the September 24, 2013 Mayoral Preliminary election.

According to the Herald, three of the issues in Conley's commercials will focus on:

1. cracking down on illegal guns, 2. education and 3. the city’s innovation economy.

By - 6/9/13 - 8:43 pm

According to members of the Boston Elections Department that asked to remain nameless out of fear of losing their job said that it is unlikely both Robert Cappucci and John Laing will make the ballot.

By - 6/7/13 - 5:25 pm

Both Touch 106.1FM Radio King Charles Clemons and former Boston City Council President Mike Ross qualified for the September 24, 2013 Preliminary Election with an impressive 3000 plus signatures to make the ballot for Boston Mayor according to Boston Elections Commissioner Sabino Piemonte.

Clemons and Ross join Arroyo, Barros, Conley, Connolly, Consalvo, Richie, Walsh, Walzciak, Wyatt, and Yancey.

The Mayoral Contest has twelve strong candidates while the Councilor At-Large Race has 18 candidates who have qualified.

By - 5/27/13 - 1:25 pm

The following are Douglas Bennett's Power Rankings of the 2013 Boston Mayor Candidates as of May 27, 2013. These rankings are determined by a combination of each candidate's previous electoral history which includes geographical and voter population base, potential money raised, grassroots organizational strength, and potential to harness issues:

1. Daniel F Conley, West Roxbury (Ward 20, Precinct 20)

2. John R Connolly, West Roxbury (Ward 20, Precinct 10)

3. Felix G Arroyo, Jamaica Plain (Ward 19, Precinct 7)

4. Martin J Walsh, Savin Hill(Ward 13, Precinct 10)

5. Rob Consalvo, Hyde Park (Ward 18, Precinct 18)

6. Charlotte Golar Richie, Meeting House Hill(Ward 15, Precinct 3)

7. Charles Calvin Yancey, Mattapan (Ward 17, Precinct 3)

8. Michael P Ross, Mission Hill (Ward 10, Precinct 5)

9. Charles L Clemons Jr, Dorchester (Ward 14, Precinct 4)

10. John F Barros, Uphmans Corner(Ward 13, Precinct 5)

11. Bill Walczak, Savin Hill(Ward 13, Precinct 10)

12. Robert Cappucci, East Boston, (Ward 1, Precinct 2)

13. David S Portnoy, Lower Mills(Ward 17, Precinct 13)

14. John G C Laing Jr, Hyde Park(18, Precinct 14)

15. David James Wyatt, Roxbury (Ward 11, Precinct 2)

By - 5/5/13 - 3:15 pm

This past week was a big week in politics here in Boston.

1. Steve Lynch will not run for Mayor.

Leading up to this past week, many speculated that 8th Congressional District U.S. Representative Stephen Lynch was using the U.S. Senate race to raise his profile so he could run for Boston Mayor. Lynch's chances were ruined by losing his hometown of Boston by a margin of 31,000 plus votes to Lynch's 28,000 plus votes.

Essentially, Markey "Al Gored" Stephen Lynch. To understand this, Al Gore lost his home state of Tennessee to George W. Bush in 2000 and that was the real reason why Gore lost the presidency not because of Florida. For Lynch to have won the U.S. Senate Democratic Primary, he needed to run up the vote against Markey in Boston and this just did not happen.

2. Dewey beats Truman.

The 1st Suffolk Senate race was an unbelievable contest. My parish, St. Ann's, falls right inside this state Senate district. Three great candidates fought tooth and nail to replace Jack Hart who left his seat for a high paying job at a law firm.

By - 4/12/13 - 11:12 am

If Ayanna Pressley runs for Mayor as reports are now suggesting that she may, she will undoubtably be the next Mayor.

It's a no brainer. Number one, the race is wide open for a major female candidate to run and win. There are ten men who running. Many people do vote based on gender. For instance, in the race to replace Jack Hart in the State Senate, many pundits believe that some of Nick Collin's votes will be siphered away by fellow Southie native Maureen Dahill which will allow Linda Dorcena Fory to be able to walk into office. However, I believe with two women running against Collins, the only male in the Democratic primary, many women will split their vote, while many men will vote for Collins. I'm not saying it is right, but it is a reality that gender politics is a determining factor for how many people vote in elections.