Charles Laquidara

By - 9/16/09 - 9:22 am

Would only come back to radio if technology allowed for live podcasting:

By - 8/1/09 - 9:00 am

Charles Laquidara has begun a collection of online WBCN shtuff.

By - 2/25/06 - 10:59 am

Charles Laquidara is a big part of it, Steve Garfield explains.

By - 1/7/06 - 8:32 pm

Janet, for one, is thrilled that Charles Laquidara is coming back to Boston radio, if only for an hour each morning:

By - 1/6/06 - 10:49 pm

But what about Duane?Hello, Rangoon! Former "Big Mattress" host Charles Laquidara reports he'll be doing a one-hour morning show on WBOS starting sometime this month:

It's going to be called Backtracks or Trackback or something, and I'll be featuring my nine favorite cuts from the best albums of a certain year every Monday through Friday at 9 AM on 92.9. I thought they should call it Nine at Nine, but I was over-ruled. No matter; it should be a cool show.

Via Boston Radio Watch.