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Suffolk County

By adamg - 1/6/16 - 7:56 am

The Suffolk County Registry of Deeds Web site now lists Thomas M. Ryan as "temporary register," rather than longtime Register (and former Boston Police Commissioner) Mickey Roache.

DeannaMae reports Roache retired just before Christmas. Roche also once served as an ay-large city councilor. Hmm, could this be just the job for a recently unseated at-large councilor?

H/t Theszak for noticing that.

By Moe_Love - 12/31/13 - 1:03 am

Here it is. To put to rest the lies by Doug the Bug.

By Douglas Bennett - 5/29/13 - 11:13 pm


BOSTON- Dorchester’s Douglas Bennett for Sheriff of Suffolk County.

Bennett's statement is as follows and he will be explaining to the voters why they should vote for him tomorrow morning Friday May 31th at 7AM on TOUCH 106.1FM:

"With the appointment of Andrea Cabral to the Public Safety Cabinet Position in the Governor’s administration, there will be a special election in September 2014 to elect a full-time Sheriff to serve out the remainder of a six year term which expires in 2016. Therefore, I ask for your support for Sheriff of Suffolk County. I am starting early in effort to run an aggressive and triumphant campaign.

As Sheriff, I will oversee a $122 million budget, the Nashua Street Jail and South Bay House of Correction, and the Civil Service Process here in the county.

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