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Bad Boston Herald headline

Show me the sources.

Ron Borges won't be writing any columns for the Herald pending further review after the paper had to pull his column today, the one about Tom Brady threatening a tantrum unless he got paid like Jimmy Garoppolo, because it turns out his source was a WEEI caller pretending to be Brady's agent in a text message. Or as the Herald put it: Read more.

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Ron Borges moves to the Herald after a whole month at

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No, not that one, the other one. David Scott reports Ron Borges is heading to He also discusses how Tony Massarotti almost moved to instead of to

Bruce Allen suddenly loses interest in

I had high hopes for this new Borges just about kills it for me. You hire him, you lose your credibility. Simple as that.

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It's exeunt for the light-fingered columnist. David Scott analyzes the exit, whether Borges has a career on radio and who might replace him.

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David Scott recaps the return of the allegedly light-fingered Globe sportswriter, including the newest controversy surrounding him (why he wrote, even if for free, for the Web site of a boxer he supposedly covers as part of his beat).

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Chronology of how Ron Borges went from Globe football beat writer to suspended Globe football beat writer in just 24 hours, starting with a post in an ESPN forum.

Want to discuss the Borges case? Maybe don't bother with's message boards.

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Globe sportswriter Ron Borges was suspended for two months for cribbing a Tacoma News-Tribune story in a column yesterday:

"The Globe does not tolerate plagiarism," (Globe Editor Martin) Baron said in a statement. "Extensive passages written by the Tacoma reporter were used verbatim in the column by Borges, and that is prohibited." ...

By - 3/5/07 - 11:29 am

Cold Hard Football Facts claims that this Borges column on a Seattle Seahawks player came from this Tacoma News-Tribune article a week earlier.

By - 3/4/07 - 2:29 pm

Perhaps Borges thought his readers have the attention span of gnats and wouldn't remember that his column today on how the signing of Adalius Thomas was possibly a big mistake completely contradicts what he wrote just yesterday on MSNBC. Bruce Allen and his readers are all over Borges - and remind him that they can, too, retain information for longer than 24 hours.

By - 1/13/06 - 10:24 am

Bruce at Boston Sports Media Watch co-authors a detailed post on why the Globe must get rid of Borges:

... Boston Globe football writer Ron Borges, the Broadsheet Bully, believes fans dislike him because he expresses unpopular positions and because he challenges the New England Patriots organization and its management at a time when the franchise is hugely successful and popular.

This is simply not true.