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2015 snow shoveling in Jamaica Plain

Shoveling snow in JP in 2015


While this winter has been "mild" compared to the snow that fell in 2015, the snow that has fallen is enough to prevent elderly neighbors, those who have access or functional needs, or those who are dependent on a wheelchair from getting places they need to go. Read more.

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Meet James Knauer, Boston's Super Yeti! James became a Yeti on January 29th, 2015 and since has shoveled out 21 neighbors in need around Boston.

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Map of current #Snowcrew requests in MA

Over 50 people in MA, who are older, injured or have an access or functional need, have requested help from their neighbors to shovel them out.

You can find out who needs help (and request assistance if you need it) at Alternatively, you can let your neighbors know you are willing to help shovel or need assistance on

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Map of Neighbors Who Need Help Shoveling

For most of us the snow is beautiful when it is coming down and a hassle for travel but for the elderly and people with disabilities it can leave them stranded in their homes with out access to needed medications, food, and services.

We can help! I invite you to join me in digging out our elderly and disabled neighbors by participating in a program called #SnowCrew run via

If you or someone you know need shoveling assistance help can be requested on the SnowCrew page,