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Sumner Street

By adamg - 2/29/24 - 12:07 pm

The Boston Licensing Board, which had already given John Tyler one last chance to prove he could actually run a restaurant in the Maverick Square building he co-owns with his ex-wife, voted today to schedule a revocation hearing for its liquor license as soon as possible after receiving word his latest restaurant has failed. Read more.

By adamg - 1/4/24 - 1:30 pm

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that Italian Pizza Express, 336 Sumner St. in East Boston, plans to re-open.

By adamg - 12/19/23 - 10:34 pm

WFXT reports a man was stabbed at Sumner and Paris streets in East Boston around 1:15 p.m. today.

By adamg - 11/9/23 - 10:57 am
Cable lock blocking access to harbor walk in East Boston

An increasingly frustrated citizen files yet another 311 complaint about the person who responds to the unlocking of the gate across the harborwalk at the end of Sumner Street in East Boston by putting in a new lock - one that required some ingenuity since whoever replaced the previous lock made it impossible to simply slap a new one in: Read more.

By adamg - 7/6/23 - 9:08 pm

A federal judge has sentenced a member of the Sinaloa cartel who set up housekeeping in East Boston to ten years after he pleaded guilty to distributing heroin and cocaine from Maverick Square to Hyde Park - sometimes with his wife and young children in tow. Read more.

By adamg - 6/22/23 - 11:50 am

There's some outrage in Jeffries Point this morning, where a city-owned street-hockey rink that the Bruins helped pay to resurface at Porzio Park was overlaid with markings for a new pickleball court - some residents are mad, especially since some people went to play hockey last night and were told it's now a pickleball court.

By adamg - 5/2/23 - 1:25 pm

A woman told she couldn't bring a bottle of beer with her at closing time at Barney's Grill, 299 Havre St. in East Boston, reacted by hurling the bottle at the bartender, hitting her in the chest, the bartender and police told the Boston Licensing Board today. Read more.

By adamg - 4/20/23 - 11:21 pm

Boston Police report arresting two 14-year-olds they say stole 23 phones and 3 digital watches in two trips into a phone-repair shop at 201 Sumner St., across from the Maverick Square T stop in East Boston. Read more.

By adamg - 1/6/23 - 10:38 pm

Boston Police report Santos Moscoso, 47, of East Boston, was arrested at 74 Sumner St. on Thursday on 38 counts of willful and malicious destruction of property over $1,200. Read more.

By adamg - 7/31/22 - 5:20 pm
Collapsed masonry at 282 Sumner St.

The Boston Fire Department reports 11 people, one cat and one dog were displaced early this morning when the masonry veneer on one wall of 282 Sumner Street mostly collapsed into the narrow alleyway separating the three-family building from its neighbor.

ISD determined a structural engineer will have to come in and extensive repairs be made before the building is habitable again.

By adamg - 9/25/21 - 3:44 pm
Seized shotgun

Agent holds shotgun seized with drugs. Photo via DEA affidavit.

A Mexican woman faces a minimum of five years in federal prison after pleading guilty to working with her son to sell two kilos of cocaine in East Boston's Maverick Square to a buyer who turned out to be working for the feds, the US Attorney's office reports. Read more.

By adamg - 5/21/19 - 9:50 pm

Only in Chelsea reports that around 9:30 p.m., Chelsea police officers found a car at 11 Congress Ave that was full of fresh bullet holes - and three men, one of whom had a gunsthot wound to the hand. The shooting happened not long before at Sumner and Havre streets near Maverick Square in East Boston.

By adamg - 3/13/19 - 11:25 am
Architect's rendering of proposed Maverick Square building

Architect's rendering.

The Zoning Board of Appeals yesterday approved the East Boston Community Development Corp.'s plans for a seven-story, 42-unit apartment building behind its existing apartment building at 187 Sumner St. in Maverick Square. Read more.

By adamg - 2/7/19 - 9:47 pm

A 15-year-old, in the foot, shortly after 9:30 p.m. on Border Street near Sumner Street in a drive-by. Police found a car with gunfire damage and a shell casing on Border Street near Liverpool Street.

By adamg - 9/29/18 - 11:22 am
Architect's rendering of 191 Sumner Street in East Boston

Architect's rendering.

The East Boston Community Development Corp. has filed plans to renovate the four-story building it owns at 191 Sumner St. in Maverick Square and building a new seven-story, 42-unit building behind it. Read more.

By adamg - 8/18/18 - 8:35 pm
Narrow-gauge proposal

Narrow-gauge proposal.

A strip of land up Jeffries Point that was once used to ferry millions of riders a year between the East Boston waterfront, Revere Beach and Lynn could become a series of five apartment and condo buildings under a developer's proposal. Read more.

By adamg - 6/13/18 - 9:53 am
Architect's rendering of 125 Sumner St.

Architect's rendering.

The Board of Appeals yesterday approved a developer's plans to replace a 20-unit Section 8 complex on Sumner Street with 52 apartments and condos that will let the current tenants move back in once construction is finished. Read more.

By adamg - 5/23/18 - 8:40 am
Tree post that needs water in East Boston

When city workers plant new street trees, they usually equip the tree with a bag to hold water and a couple of posts to steady it for awhile. John in Eastie wonders how much he should water the post next to this new tree on Sumner Street in East Boston.

UPDATE: Turns out there's a good reason to do this - see the comments.

By adamg - 5/25/16 - 11:25 pm

Around 11:20 p.m., in the arm and foot.

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