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By adamg - 10/19/18 - 10:54 am

Andy Metzger sums up Charlie on the MBTA, from the halcyon days of the 2015 blizzards to today.

By adamg - 10/10/18 - 4:15 pm

WGBH reports on last night's debate between incumbent Charlie Baker and challenger Jay Gonzalez.

By adamg - 6/12/18 - 8:26 pm

Ed Lyons posts a copy of a fundraising note by noted homophobe and, thanks to nearly 600 Republican delegates, a candidate for governor, at least until Sept. 4., Scott Lively, in which he says he needs money to fight off the Orcs of Mordor. Lively describes himself as "a simple pastor, with no political ambitions or dreams of grandeur," even though he is now making his second attempt to get elected governor, but maybe he's come to terms with how he'll fare in the primary.

By adamg - 5/18/18 - 9:27 am

WBUR reports on a debate at UMass Boston between Jay Gonzalez and Bob Massie.

By adamg - 4/28/18 - 11:35 pm

Some 27% of the delegates at the state Republican convention in Worcester voted for Scott Lively today, which is more than enough to force a primary with Gov. Baker this September.

Lively, who also ran four years ago, really hates the gays, although he says he doesn't want to see them put to death. Lively came up with his gay Nazi theory after he got tired of being called a Nazi himself.

By adamg - 4/26/18 - 8:43 am

WBZ reports Setti Warren couldn't raise the sort of money he thought it would take to win. That leaves two Democrats still running to take on Gov. Baker - Jay Gonzalez and Robert Massie.

By adamg - 5/20/17 - 7:59 pm

Shocking few people who know who he is, Setti Warren announced today he'll join the field of Democrats who will jostle next year to take on Charlie Baker.

This is Warren's second bid for statewide office - he briefly ran for the Senate seat won by Elizabeth Warren.

By adamg - 2/13/17 - 9:17 am

Bob Massie, who briefly ran for the US Senate until Elizabeth Warren entered the race in 2011, is telling supporters he's thinking of running for governor next year because of the threat of Trumpism: Read more.

By adamg - 1/30/17 - 9:38 am
Jay Gonzalez

In addition to former Harvard Pilgrim CEO and Weld-administration budget czar Charlie Baker, that is. Jay Gonzalez, former Celticare CEO and Patrick-administration budget czar, announced yesterday he's running for governor in 2018 - as a Democrat.

Before we see a clash of the health-insurance titans, though, Gonzalez, a Needham resident, might have to beat Newton Mayor Setti Warren, and whoever else might run, in the Democratic primary next year.

By adamg - 11/4/14 - 2:51 pm
Tim Cahill

Shane notices that the image Bing is using for posting results tonight has Treasurer Tim Cahill running against Martha Coakley.

By adamg - 10/31/14 - 9:12 am

Seems the crack investigative reporters at the Globe can't find the fisherman whose tale in 2009 or 2010 moved Charlie Baker to tears the other day.

Baker on Thursday acknowledged that he may have misstated some of the particulars of the story he told tearfully during a debate this week. That, in turn, has complicated efforts to locate the man whose hardships, in Baker’s retelling, produced one of the most remarkable moments in this year’s race for governor.

By adamg - 10/30/14 - 8:06 am

Joan Vennochi says Charlie Baker should've gotten mad, not sad, when that fisherman told him he wouldn't let his kids go to college.

Tears: Good or bad?

By adamg - 10/28/14 - 8:10 am

If you missed last night's debate, the Herald has a recap. Also, you can catch the final debate tonight at 7 p.m. on WCVB - which also won't include the other three guys.

Coakley denies she was reluctant to investigate DiMasi.

By adamg - 10/27/14 - 8:18 am

The two main candidates for governor debate tonight, starting at 8 on NECN. Evan Falchuk, meanwhile, still hopes to crash the party through a court order - his hearing is today.

By adamg - 10/26/14 - 1:26 pm

The Globe looks at the road to redemption for losers Charlie Baker and Martha Coakley.

By adamg - 10/23/14 - 11:26 pm

A Globe poll shows Baker with a 9-point lead, due mainly to independents settling on him as their candidate. It's the first poll to show such a wide gap between Baker and Coakley.

National media has glommed onto the Chokely meme, but ya know, one could make the case that Baker's a choker of a loser, too.

By ArlingtonPublicNews - 10/22/14 - 11:26 am

APN | 2014 State Election - Governor: Jeff McCormick (I)

With the approaching November state elections, APN has invited each candidate on the ballot to participate in a candidate profile and debate. We wish to provide our viewers with the most accurate information regarding the candidates as possible.

The format for each interview follows strict guidelines. Each interview lasts 28 minutes and is live-to-tape, meaning there are no edits. The candidate is given one-minute for an opening and closing statement. There is no pre-screening of questions and they have two minutes to answer each question.

By adamg - 10/20/14 - 11:15 am


Mike Heffernan, the Republican candidate for treasurer proves his tightness with the dollar with an ad that seems to be made by his family, although it was really produced by an ad agency in Virginia.

Coakley and Baker discussed the economy, education and transportation at a debate just for them.

A pollster type discusses why a tight race in the polls would be good for Coakley.

By adamg - 10/16/14 - 9:58 am

WBUR explores why the governor's race is so sleepy:

Even in their affects, the candidates seem to be veering closer. Baker looks determined to ease back from the more combative posture that is his nature, while Coakley is struggling to dial things up beyond a just-the-fact mien that fits her prosecutor’s background, but isn't an asset in a candidate for governor. If the convergence continues, by November we may just be referring to the duo as "Chartha" or "Marlie."

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