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Fairfield Street

By adamg - 12/2/21 - 9:04 am
Peeled back truck on Storrow Drive

Nothing like a good storrowing to start the morning commute, as Log shows us, with a snap of a freshly peeled box truck at the Fairfield Street pedestrian bridge. Traffic, of course, quickly backed way, way up.

By adamg - 8/11/21 - 7:52 pm

Around 7:45 p.m. At least one car hit, along with the entrance to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on the other side of Boylston. A window at a Fidelity office on Fairfield was shattered. Multiple shell casings recovered. Fairfield is shut between Boylston and Newbury.

This is the second time in ten months that that stretch of Fairfield Street has become a firing range.

By adamg - 11/1/20 - 1:38 pm

Boston Police report arresting Shaquan Pinkney, 26, of Roxbury for his role in what they say was a four-person gun battle that left Fairfield Street littered with shell casings between Newbury and Boylston streets on Tuesday. Read more.

By adamg - 10/28/20 - 9:03 am

Boston Police report arresting two of four men they say exchanged gunfire yesterday afternoon that left Fairfield Street between Newbury and Boylston streets littered with spent shells. Read more.

By adamg - 8/31/15 - 8:27 pm
Tree down on Fairfield Street in the Back Bay

NotThatWeird reports a massive tree on Fairfield Street near Comm. Ave. came crashing to the ground tonight, blocking the road - after it got smashed into by the cab of a passing U-Haul.

By adamg - 7/17/15 - 12:14 pm
Boston Police bomb squad suits up in the Back Bay

A roving UHub photographer came upon a shut-down intersection of Beacon and Fairfield streets around 11:45 a.m. - and watched bomb-squad members suit up to investigate something suspicious in a car there.

By adamg - 9/23/14 - 7:47 am

UPDATE: Police report the driver of the car died.

Jil Murphy reports it happened around 11:30 p.m. on Monday at Fairfield and Beacon streets. Stanley Staco reports serious injuries.

This is the same intersection where two pedestrians were killed in a crash in June.

By adamg - 6/21/14 - 11:31 pm

Updated, Sunday, 12 p.m.

Two Brookline residents walking down Beacon Street in the Back Bay died when a driver ran a red light at Fairfield Street around 9:15 p.m., got into a crash with two other vehicles, rolled over, then hit them, according to WCVB and Boston Police.

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