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Daisy Buchanan's

By adamg - 12/4/13 - 12:18 pm

UPDATE: Licensing Board ordered a four-day suspension: Three for serving the minors, one for owner Joseph Cimino's actions during the police investigation. Cimino can appeal to the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission.

It was bad enough, police say, that they caught four underage Northeastern students inside Daisy Buchanan's with Bud Lights. Even worse was that owner Joseph Cimino tried to keep them from questioning one of the four - after he had already tried to flee out the back - two detectives told the Boston Licensing Board yesterday

By adamg - 3/30/10 - 12:53 pm

The Boston Licensing Board decides Thursday what to do about underage drinking at Daisy Buchanan's on Newbury Street.

At a hearing today, Boston Police Det. Kevin McGill said that, after receiving tips from local college police departments, he and another detective paid the club a visit on March 5 - and promptly found two underage BU sophomores, drinks in hand.

Owner Joe Cimino pleaded guilty, agreed that, in hindsight, he should have been more vigilant after noticing a recent surge of college students on Thursday nights.

By adamg - 3/25/06 - 9:02 am

You just don't tend to think of "Newbury Street" and "drunken brawl resulting in three stabbings" in the same sentence, do you? Make sure to read all the way to the bottom of the story, where the head of the Boston licensing board seems to be telling Back Bay residents to shut up and accept dives as a part of life in the big city.

From a LiveJournal round-up of Boston bars comes this description of Daisy Buchanan's:

By adamg - 3/21/05 - 3:06 pm

Michael gives a thumb's down to Daisy Buchanan's on Newbury Street:

... The amateur waitresses, who wear as little as they can, are slow and inattentive. On a weekend night, Daisy's is staffed by no fewer than 4 bouncers, 2 bartenders, and 4 waitresses, none of which care enough to restock the bathroom’s toilet paper supply. Daisy's is cash only, and won't let you have a tab, very frustrating. ...

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