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By adamg - 8/24/17 - 9:02 am
By roadman - 5/5/15 - 4:33 pm

for some common sense at 7-11. Went in there earlier for my daily chocolate fix, and saw notices by every register that they are now only accepting cash for scratch ticket purchases (no more debit cards).

Now,I typically stay far away from buying scratch tickets, but I'm still curious. Is this is a 7-11 policy or a Mass Lottery one? If it is a Lottery policy, perhaps the state could go one better and eliminate 90% of the current games - especially the ones that are so old the odds of winning any prize, especially the one remaining big prize, are almost next to nil.

By adamg - 12/18/14 - 4:09 pm

CommonWealth reports a consultant working on the Boston Olympics bid approached the state lottery commission about running a very special lottery to help fund Boston's Olympics effort, should it come to that. The lottery people told him no, that would take an act of the legislature, since, by law, lottery profits are only supposed to go to the state's cities and towns.

By adamg - 5/18/13 - 10:28 am

At 10:18 a.m., Dan Ryan reported:

The Dorchester Casino, Tedeschi's (Lil Peach) on Neponset Ave, already has a line of cars out the parking lot.

By adamg - 3/21/09 - 9:25 am

Whatever they are, they're about to get a lot worse as the Lottery tries to increase revenue from Megabucks. Lottery players will no doubt keep that in mind when Treasurer Tim runs for governor next year.

By adamg - 8/22/07 - 9:48 am

Only in Boston, Kids has some suggestions for making the Lottery's scratch-ticket program better for players.

By ariwriter - 5/19/07 - 2:28 pm

The Massachusetts State Lottery Commission needs to hire a proof reader.

Have you seen the new $5 Pinball Wizard instant win scratch ticket?

Within the instructions is the phrase, "Match the Jackpot Number to any Your Number..."

By adamg - 3/28/06 - 12:29 pm

Don't ask the Boston Gal to pick up any of the new $5 Sox scratch tickets for you:

... [M]y beloved Boston Red Sox have sold their soul to the Massachusetts State Lottery by teaming up with them with this scratch ticket which will "offer a mix of killer ticket deals, cash prizes and Sox paraphernalia."

Why do I get the feeling this move will be as bad for Red Sox Nation as the Musical No,No, Nanette?Why do I get the feeling this move will be as bad for Red Sox Nation as the Musical No, No, Nanette? ...

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