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By adamg - 7/21/21 - 3:07 pm
Rabbi Barbara Penzner addresses Boston City Council

Today's council meeting opened with an invocation by Rabbi Barbara Penzner of Temple Hillel B'nai Torah in West Roxbury.

A federal judge ruled today that Salem-based Satanists can continue to press their claim that the way the Boston City Council picks clergy members to start its Wednesday meetings - but not them - violates the Constitution's ban on the establishment of religion. Read more.

By adamg - 1/24/21 - 9:33 pm


A Boston city council already embroiled in controversy over how many mayoral elections to hold this year - in addition to dealing with the pandemic, racial inequities and police reform - now has to battle Satan, in the form of a lawsuit filed by the Satanic Temple of Salem over its refusal to let any Satanists give one of the invocations that start Wednesday council meetings. Read more.

By adamg - 10/12/16 - 9:48 pm
Satanic Temple Boston

Local Satanists say it's time the Boston City Council give the devil his due - by letting them open one of the council's bi-weekly meetings with an invocation.

The council has long started its regular meetings with an invocation by a member of the local clergy, who are invited on a rotating basis by individual councilors. Read more.

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