By - 6/22/18 - 9:21 am

The condo association at the Harbor Towers says it plans to sue the state over its recent approval of a city plan to allow developer Don Chiofaro's proposed replacement of the Aquarium garage. Read more.

By - 6/19/18 - 3:15 pm

The US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in Boston today upheld the verdict in a lawsuit brought by a black Green Line driver, who said her supervisors made her life a living hell for years before they finally got her fired. Read more.

By - 6/19/18 - 10:00 am

Mayor Walsh said today he's picked a South Carolina-based lawfirm to file suit against the makers of opioids to try to recover some of the costs he says the city has incurred treating and dealing with users of their products. Read more.

By - 6/9/18 - 4:19 pm

James Dickey, owner of the fire-ravaged remnant of a house at 97 Mt. Ida Rd. in Dorchester, this week filed yet another federal lawsuit against the city of Boston and state Housing Court judges and receivers, alleging they're engaged in a nefarious deal to steal homes in "the African-American section of the City of Boston."

How is the suit different from the other ones he's filed, which have earned him a rare rebuke from a federal judge to knock it off? Read more.

By - 6/5/18 - 4:51 pm

A state Housing Court judge last week appointed a receiver with the power to clean up a house at 97 Mt. Ida Rd. that has only fallen further into disrepair after it was heavily damaged in a 2011 fire as its Sudbury owner keeps fighting in court to try to get Boston's ISD to leave him alone.

Separately, the National Football League Players Association is using owner James Dickey's long-standing battles with the city over the house ... Read more.

By - 6/2/18 - 9:24 am

Zoomed in: Incident at CVS parking lot in Roslindale

The mother of a man fatally shot by a Boston police officer and an FBI agent outside the CVS on Washington Street in Roslindale in June, 2015 has sued the FBI, alleging agents and Boston police officers planned to kill him even before he came at two of them with a knife. Read more.

By - 5/31/18 - 10:28 am

WBZ reports a Boston firefighter who claims he was injured in a fatal 2016 fire on Babson Street in Mattapan has dropped his negligence lawsuit against the dentist who owned the house after the station reported the city was continuing to pay the firefighter's salary and medical expenses - as required by state law.

By - 5/31/18 - 10:06 am

A federal judge today dismissed anti-trust charges against Uber brought by medallion cab drivers in Boston, saying the drivers simply showed no proof of predatory pricing or that consumers were hurt by the lower prices Uber brought to point-to-point transportation in the area. Read more.

By - 5/23/18 - 12:19 pm

In 2012, Benjamin Pershouse of Woburn bought a pair of slippers from L.L. Bean. But after a few years of use, "the rubber soles of the slippers began to flake off in large chunks." You can only imagine his shock when he tried to take advantage of the chain's famous lifetime, no questions asked guarantee on March 8 of this year, only to have a manager at the Burlington store turn up her nose and refuse to give him a new pair. Read more.

By - 5/17/18 - 11:14 am

The Massachusetts Appeals Court today dismissed a lawsuit against Esh Circus Arts and the Somerville zoning board, saying the person who brought it does not live close enough to be legally aggrieved by the circus center's request to use some vacant office space in its building. Read more.

By - 5/7/18 - 11:03 am

The Supreme Judicial Court today dismissed a wrongful-death suit by the father of an MIT graduate student who threw himself off the roof of a campus building, saying that while colleges do have some unique obligations to protect their students, there are limits to what they can be expected to do, in an age in which students, especially at the graduate level, expect to be treated as adults with rights, including that of privacy. Read more.

By - 5/2/18 - 1:44 pm

A Long Island marketing firm called Spark451 is suing a Boston marketing firm called Agency 451 for trademark infringement. Read more.

By - 4/30/18 - 8:59 am
Army Howitzers being fired on the Common

Annual ka-booming on the Common (photo from 2016).

A California man who claims he suffered permanent ear damage from one of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company's annual June artillery barrages on the Common wants $20 million in recompense - half from the historic group and half from the National Guard. Read more.

By - 4/24/18 - 9:56 am

Shiva Ayyadurai, who is now running as an independent against Elizabeth Warren, filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Cambridge this week, alleging it is harassing him over his campaign bus now that it features the "resonating campaign slogan" of "Only A Real Indian Can Defeat The Fake Indian." Read more.

By - 4/20/18 - 12:16 pm

Ken's Foods, which makes the eponymous line of salad dressings, could wind up paying twice for shipments of tomato paste from California - first to a freight distributor that went bankrupt and now to the railroad that the distributor never paid. Read more.

By - 4/13/18 - 10:38 am

The Supreme Judicial Court ruled today that Exxon Mobil has to hand over documents demanded by Attorney General Maura Healey in a probe of whether the company not only sat on information that proved the role of fossil fuels in climate change but actively tried to discredit the science of climate change to preserve its profits. Read more.

By - 4/6/18 - 9:56 pm

James Dickey, the owner of a fire-ruined shell of a former house at 97 Mt. Ida Rd. in Dorchester, today filed an appeal of a federal judge's decision that he stop bothering federal judges with his attempts to keep the city from tearing down what's left of the structure, which the city says now exists solely as a haven for rats. Read more.

By - 4/6/18 - 10:11 am

A federal judge has upheld the state's long-standing ban on AR-15 rifles and similar weapons - and said the state had the right to extend that to "copycat" weapons that high slight differences from and different names than the weapons specifically mentioned in the original law. Read more.

By - 4/2/18 - 6:29 pm

A federal judge today dismissed a lawsuit by an anesthesiologist who sued Mass. General over double-booked surgeries - but gave her 45 days to come up with detailed proof the government was billed for operations senior surgeons did not actually participate in and so re-open the suit. Read more.

By - 3/27/18 - 7:37 pm

For the third time, a federal judge has rejected an effort by the owner of the fire-ravaged building at 97 Mt. Ida Rd. to move his case from state Housing Court to federal court - this time with a warning for the man to knock it off. Read more.