Logan Airport

By - 6/5/12 - 2:07 pm

Massport and the MBTA are teaming up on a three-month pilot project to provide free Silver Line rides from Logan to South Station.

By - 5/17/12 - 9:49 am

Salute for a fallen Marine

Daniel Weintraub files this report:

By - 5/16/12 - 7:07 am

Seems that when a big convention is in town, the MBTA runs special Silver Line service to the airport straight from the convention center, rather than making people carry their bags on that long walk to the nearest Silver Line stop and crowding onto a bus there.

By - 5/7/12 - 7:32 am

Logan cab line

Sara photographed the cab line at Logan around 12:45 this morning.

By - 5/6/12 - 11:22 pm

Mark Garfinkel got a cool shot tonight.

By - 4/13/12 - 9:51 am

Dunk that donut in that chowda! Travelers on Japan Airlines' new non-stop service between Boston and Tokyo are in for a Boston treat: Donuts AND chowder, on one convenient tray that just begs you to dunk the donuts in the chowder.

Apparently, Mister Donut is a huge donut chain in Japan that has its roots right here in the greater Hub area. In fact, it's sort of the yin to the Dunkin' Donuts yang - it got its start when two budding donut entrepreneurs (brothers in law, no less) couldn't agree on the future of donuts and so separated, one to form Dunkin' Donuts, the other Mister Donut.

So if you've ever wondered about the possibility of alternate-universe Dunkin' Donuts donuts, just book a flight to Tokyo to get your exclusive "AIR MISDO set, which includes a chocolate-coated cinnamon ring and a maple-flavored ring of classic Mister Donut doughnuts, alongside a bowl of Boston's signature clam chowder."

H/t William Bradshaw.

By - 4/10/12 - 7:56 am

WBZ reports Massport is expected to make a final decision on April 26 on a three-month pilot project.

By - 3/26/12 - 12:30 pm

The following just in from State Police:

By - 2/29/12 - 5:26 pm

Some of the recovered items. Photo from Suffolk County DA.

Two Logan Airport baggage handlers were arraigned today on charges they stole thousands of dollars' worth of electronics, tobacco and cash from luggage at Terminal E, which mostly handles international flights.

LaShawn Fontenot, 25, of Lynn, and Joshua Wright, 25, of Mattapan, were arrested yesterday in the baggage area, according to State Police. Wright allegedly had some freshly stolen goods on his person; additional stolen stuff was recovered from both their houses, State Police say.

State Police say Massport contacted them several weeks ago about complaints of thefts from checked luggage.

By - 2/29/12 - 3:23 pm

No, not because Massport would want to buy some 40-story ferryboats if it agrees to take over ferry service from the MBTA but because the FAA is concerned the authority might use some of its airport revenue to subsidize commuter boats, Jon Chesto reports. T officials have floated the idea of handing the ferries over to Massport as a way to keep them running as the T runs out of money.

By - 2/10/12 - 4:15 pm


Scott Arfin was at Logan today when Wally helped Jet Blue inaugurate its new Soxjet service (see it larger).

By - 1/18/12 - 5:28 pm

Our own homegrown tough guy and Whitey wannabe is now apologizing for saying if he'd been on Flight 11 out of Logan on 9/11 - like he was originally planning to be - things would have turned out differently.

By - 1/10/12 - 9:41 pm

So if you've been to Chicago and think Potbelly is the cat's meow of sandwich places, well, you'll have a new reason to jump on the Blue Line to Airport.

Fans of sandwich chains will recall, of course, that Earl of Sandwich first came to Boston via Logan before winning a bid to turn the former Boston Common men's room into an outlet.

H/t Jim.

By - 1/10/12 - 7:09 am

The TSA breaks its silence on Cupcakegate (and mad props to them for calling it Cupcakegate and getting in a Wile E. Coyote reference); notes the cupcake in question wasn't just some delicious pastry on a napkin but a suspicious looking wad in a jar filled with icing - with a spoon attached.

So stop trying to sneak jars filled with icing onto planes:

By - 12/23/11 - 2:42 pm

Channel 5 reports a Peabody woman was stopped from bringing a cupcake back to Boston from Las Vegas by an alert TSA agent who felt the frosting was too "gel-like."

That it was "gel-like" at all was pretty amazing since the woman had brought it with her on a flight from Boston to Las Vegas, where she didn't eat it and then, for some reason, decided to bring it back home again, perhaps (althought the article does not state this) because she lives on the North Shore and the cupcake was from Wicked Good Cupcakes all the way down on the South Shore.

By - 12/22/11 - 10:04 am

The East Boston Times-Free Press reports on efforts by clammers for compensation for lost wages caused when a large spill at the airport last year that caused the death of clams in beds around the airport.

By - 11/28/11 - 3:45 pm

SmithA fellow passenger alerted a Delta flight crew to the "explicitly sexual and extremely disturbing" photos of children Grant Smith was allegedly looking at on a plane headed to Boston, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Smith, a material-sciences professor at the University of Utah, was ordered held in lieu of $75,000 bail following his arraignment today in East Boston District Court.

By - 11/15/11 - 7:24 am

With nothing else to do as he slowly inches to the front of a taxi line at Terminal B, Paul Levy analyses the taxi dispatching problem and comes up with a possible solution to the long lines caused, he said, not by demand, but by the way taxis are dispatched from the central cab parking area.

By - 11/14/11 - 7:35 am

Dude faces arraignment in East Boston District Court this morning on charges he stole US and foreign currency from an Icelandair flight attendant - in midflight, over Greenland - then locked himself in a lavatory and flushed the greenbacks down the toilet, Channel 4 reports:

Ground crews at Logan Airport retrieved the missing cash from the flight's storage tanks.