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Stop Litter---Yes On 2 in 2014

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The Massachusetts Bottle Bill is the nickel deposit on beverage containers, in effect since 1982. It became a model for other states and countries to cope with the mountains of litter and waste created by discarded bottles.

Dramatic changes have occurred in the beverage market since 1982. Bottled water and sports drinks were rare when the initial law was passed—now, these drinks are everywhere.

Because the Bottle Bill does not yet cover these drinks, millions of containers wind up as litter or in our landfills and incinerators, costing cities and towns money in expensive disposal fees.

Advocates began urging the legislature to update the deposit law in 2000.
Support has been steadily building ever since, and following a successful signature-gathering effort, the Bottle Bill Update is on the 2014 ballot for November 4.

Want to learn more? Visit us here!

Inspired to help? We want you on our side!

The Coalition to Update the Bottle Bill is a non-partisan organization. Meet our partners and friends!

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