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West End

By adamg - 5/13/24 - 9:30 pm

A man who lives on the fourth floor of a Martha Road apartment building was arrested today on charges he aimed a green laser pointer at a Coast Guard helicopter whose pilot was trying to land at the neighboring Massachusetts General Hospital last September. Read more.

By adamg - 5/10/24 - 5:02 pm
Firefighters on top of a commuter-rail train at North Station

Firefighters atop a train. Photo by BFD.

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters responded to North Station around 1:30 p.m. after a locomotive on Track 4 began belching fire. Firefighters quickly knocked down the fire, which caused no injuries but which did cause some delays on service into the station.

By adamg - 5/10/24 - 12:27 pm

Mark Garfinkel reports another Storrowing today: By the driver of a Trillium Brewing truck, inbound next to the Liberty Hotel, which disproves the old adage: Trillium beer is local beer and local beer should know better.

By adamg - 4/25/24 - 1:24 pm

The new owner of 110 Canal St. near the Garden says it will soon file plans to turn the empty seven-story building into an 82-room hotel. Read more.

By adamg - 3/21/24 - 10:05 am

Massachusetts General reports today that on Saturday, its surgeons transplanted a "genetically-edited pig kidney" into a man living with end-stage kidney disease - the first time such a procedure has been done. Read more.

By adamg - 3/15/24 - 1:13 pm

A Suffolk Superior Court jury today convicted former Transit Police officer Shawn McCarthy for raping two women against and in his cruiser after offering them a joy ride in his cruiser that started near the Aquarium T stop and ended in a vacant lot near the Museum of Science in 2012, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Read more.

By adamg - 2/16/24 - 5:58 pm

A man who was convicted of raping a 72-year-old woman in her South End apartment in 2000 was arrested today on charges he held up a market on Washington Street in Downtown Crossing and a market on Staniford Street in the West End, both on Feb. 11. Read more.

By adamg - 2/15/24 - 2:58 pm
Making a video about the new faregates

John Mcboston watched as a T crew filmed an actor and commuters making a video at North Station about how to use the new faregates - just moments before all faregates everywhere on the T were set to spring free for four hours as recompense, or something, for this morning's non-service.

By adamg - 2/6/24 - 11:54 am
Wanted for racist and homophobic slurs

Surveillance photo via Transit PD.

Transit Police report they are looking to arrest a man on civil-rights charges because of the way he verbally accosted people at the Charles/MGH Red Line station around 7 a.m. on Jan. 19: Read more.

By adamg - 2/1/24 - 10:34 am

Charles River Plaza Co., started by developer Jerome Rappaport in the 1960s, this week sold the building housing what is now the Wyndham Hotel at Blossom and Cambridge streets to the Maryland-based firm that was already running the hotel for $125 million, according to Suffolk County Registry of Deeds records. Read more.

By adamg - 1/25/24 - 12:19 pm

Florrie McCarthy, who says she worked 36 years as a registered nurse at Mass. General, charges the hospital fired her after rejecting her request for a medical exemption for a Covid-19 booster despite a letter from the hospital's own neurology department that it "could not rule" out her earlier Covid-19 shots for "neurological symptoms" she experienced after getting the first two vaccine shots. Read more.

By adamg - 12/17/23 - 12:37 pm
Two storrowed trucks, two!

Roving UHub photographer Mark Norton beholds the majesty of that rarest of occurrences: TWO TRUCKS jammed beneath a bridge on Storrow Drive at the same time this morning! And one of them is a City of Boston trash truck! It's a Christmas miracle!

Another view.

By adamg - 12/13/23 - 4:03 pm
New West End library and apartments proposal

Between Charles River Plaza and the Otis House: 12 stories including 2 stories of library space.

A non-profit housing group and its investment partner have won preliminary city approval to replace the current West End BPL branch at 151 Cambridge St. with 119 affordable apartments atop a new two-story library branch. Read more.

By adamg - 11/15/23 - 10:37 am

The operators of Guy Fieri's Tequila Cocina at the Hub on Causeway plan to recast the 185-seatspace to focus on American food and games patrons can play, under the name Play. Read more.

By adamg - 11/9/23 - 12:10 pm
Slide shaped like a football that Gronk has just spiked

One guess where they got the idea for this slide.

DCR last week unveiled designs for the Gronk Playground it will be installing on the Esplanade - centered around a slide meant to immortalize the way Rob Gronkowski used to spike a football after a touchdown. Read more.

By adamg - 11/1/23 - 10:23 am

Boston's Map, Explained

Daniel Steiner comes up to Boston and talks to a couple of local experts on the way roads in olde Boston got laid out.

H/t Brendan.

By adamg - 10/11/23 - 10:07 pm

A fed-up citizen files a 311 complaint about a motorcycle madman in the area of Massachusetts General Hospital: Read more.

By adamg - 9/28/23 - 9:10 am
Man wearing 'Oar' Bruins jersey

BlueEyesRedHair spotted this gent near the Museum of Science the other day.

By adamg - 8/25/23 - 11:29 am

Transit Police report officers managed to stop a pair of 18-year-olds caught walking into North Station with two bottles of tequila they'd just lifted from a Causeway Street liquor store around 1 p.m. on Wednesday - specifically inside the female teen's purse: Read more.

By adamg - 8/20/23 - 11:33 am

The Boston Licensing Board last week approved Niki Mitchell's application to tell fortunes at 205 Portland St. near North Station.
Read more.

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