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By adamg - 8/19/08 - 8:14 am

Alert the tabloids: Ken Savage videos a brief encounter with a great white shark while on a fishing trip to Stellwagen Bank. He did not have to jam an oxygen tank into its gaping maw, then shoot the tank, however.

By adamg - 7/12/08 - 12:54 pm

I'm kind of glad Herald reporter O'Ryan Grylls Johnson didn't actually find that great white off Martha's Vineyard, because you know he would've tried to capture it and you know the thing would've eaten him and his boatmates because they wouldn't have a spare oxygen tank to kill it with and the Herald really can't afford to lose any more reporters.

But speaking as a recovering reporter who once went into the deepest woods of Weston with a moose hunter in search of a moose that had been hit by a car the day before, I applaud the Herald's new wildlife beat. When will the Herald be sending reporters up to the White Mountains to go mano-a-pawo with a bear?

We look for the beast outside Bartlett

Or to the Berkshires to go mano-a-talono with a bald eagle?

We look for the beast up a pine tree

I'd pay for video of that.

By adamg - 8/10/07 - 8:20 am

It's Shark Week at Hub Blog.

By kensavage - 7/10/06 - 7:31 am

Being the tough kid that Jake is he wanted to reel in a fish he had snagged on his kids fishing rod.

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