By - 10/23/07 - 9:17 am

Apparently following up on a Daily Free Press report, the Globe today discusses the issue of turkeys in "downtown Brookline" (the Free Press used the same phrase). Is that anything like Boston Village? Also, memo to Globe editors: Turkeys have been in Brookline for awhile now.

By - 10/22/07 - 3:58 pm

Slavering, blood-fanged coyote beast at Mt. Auburn Cemetery looking for a midday snack. Well, a cool photo of a coyote at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, at any rate.

By - 10/18/07 - 7:18 pm

David Ertischek was riding his bike through the Arboretum when he spotted a guy and two girls using buckets and nets to move fish from the drying up little ponds by the roses to a larger pond with more water.

By - 10/18/07 - 9:02 am

Oh, look: Now tourists are taking pictures of our rats.

Speaking of rats, you know what eats them? Cats and coyotes! And it seems we have tons of both these days, although urban-coyote researchers say the canines sometimes eat the felines:

By - 10/17/07 - 12:28 pm

Are we sure the Beacon Street turkeys aren't really gremlins?

... Last night, for the second time, there was a wild turkey on Beacon Street in Brookline blocking my way and forcing me out of the bike lane and into the street. ...

With photo of one of the increasingly gigantic beasts.

Hmm ... Think we could train them to eat rats?

By - 10/16/07 - 8:53 am

Lolita Parker Jr. chronicles her trip to Hull and back via commuter ferry.

Hull water view of downtown.

By - 10/5/07 - 9:14 am

Apparently hoping to strum up some business in the Hub, d-Con's sponsored a report claiming Boston is third among American cities for "potential rodent problems."

Potential? I guess the authors' "rodent risk assessment" didn't take into account the actual rats that already infest Back Bay alleys.

Via John Keith, who also wonders, basically, WTF.

By - 9/30/07 - 11:14 pm

Lyss catches it in the act at the Loring-Greenough House in Jamaica Plain. Can we assume it then went to Dunk's for a coffee regula?

By - 9/24/07 - 8:22 pm

Carol Egnaczyk works on terrorized Beacon Street and decides enough's enough (she explains how she and co-workers came up with their strategy here - where she also posts additional video):

By - 9/24/07 - 3:28 pm

Brookline's terror turkeys are now roaming up and down Beacon Street chasing people like the two-bit hoods they've become.

By - 9/18/07 - 11:01 am

John Gamel was there on Beacon Street last night as the driver of a Honda Civic made the mistake of getting out to check on the condition of the turkey that wouldn't let her through - cleverly falling into his trap so that he could start chasing her around the car just for the hell of it. And when the Brookline PD showed up, he just glowered.

Via the Brookline Tab.

By - 9/11/07 - 3:58 pm

Who knew?

By - 9/11/07 - 2:03 pm

Go figure: Mike Ball educates us that his local beekeeper (what, you don't have one?), Mike Graney, sells hundreds of pounds of honey a year from hives he keeps near the Neponset River. Graney and his bees (and their knees), will be at the Boston Natural Areas Network's fall harvest festival at 30 Edgewater Dr. in Mattapan this Saturday, Sept. 15, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

... He says that the hosts will have the hats and netting for those of us who just have to handle the honey makers and their comb frames. ...

By - 9/8/07 - 8:25 pm

Hide the poodles: Phil Temples reports there's a pack of coyotes living on some old arsenal land off Greenough Boulevard.

That would be the arsenal land where the army used to burn off depleted uranium, he writes. No word if the coyotes are nine feet tall or can shoot laser beams out of their eyes, however.

By - 9/5/07 - 10:24 pm

OrientSee snaps a cool photo of a Great Egret flying by the Blue Line tracks in East Boston:

... These birds do sail before the breeze with the elegance of a clipper ship with all canvas aloft. To see a Great Egret in flight like this is to be humbled by our own stumble footed lack of grace.

By - 8/28/07 - 8:54 pm

Icky Algae Worries New England Fishermen:

It looks like a clump of soiled sheep's wool, a cottony green or white mass that's turning up on rocks and river bottoms, snarling waterways.

Already a scourge in New Zealand and parts of the American South and West, the aquatic algae called "rock snot" is creeping into New England, where it is turning up in pristine rivers and alarming fishermen and wildlife biologists. ...

By - 8/28/07 - 3:34 pm

Boston Mag's Joe Keohane gets City Councilor John Tobin to commit to looking at ways to shrink the city's pigeon population, following the news that pigeon poop might have helped cause the Minneapolis bridge collapse.

But it turns out that while Tobin dislikes pigeons, what really terrifies him are squirrels:

... I hope there's a contraceptive for squirrels too, something to, you know, cover their nuts. Squirrels scare the crap out of me.

By - 8/22/07 - 10:21 am

Alyssa Boehm thought she could live and let live with the groundhog in her yard. Until she went outside and discovered Hoggy likes her tomatoes:

... And so it begins. Let loose the dogs (or cats) of war. I gotta find some mothballs... and maybe Bill Murray.

Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former greenskeeper, now about to become the Masters champion.