Stations that will play 'Alice's Restaurant' today



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    Home Skoolin'

    We played our very own LP copy fer the little critters. Now they wander the halls yellin "muthur rapers! Father rapers!"

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    Nice work, Eeka

    Two heritage rock stations up here in Burlington shitcanned the tradition this year. Happy Thanksgiving, honey.

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    Alice's Restaurant = stop-motion animation Little Drummer Boy

    Both seemed cute in our youth: neither needs to be heard from any more. A historical curiosity that is now dated, corny and grating.

    It came on some college radio station we were listening to today in the car on the way to a high school football game, and my brother-in-law and I smashed hands in our simultaneous haste to change the station.

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    I'd have to say, based on the

    I'd have to say, based on the group I brought this up with after seeing this post before dinner, is that Alice's Restaurant fans seem to be split 50/50. Some people love the tradition, some hate it. I missed it today, and part of me didn't care, but I just bought it on iTunes to make up for it. Hope everyone had a great day with family and friends.

    I'm currently bleeding gravy.

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    Not if you have young anti-war gentlemen in your house rapidly approaching draft age.

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    Alice's Restaurant

    By on

    In addition to the radio stations mentioned on that list, WROR 105.7 FM in Boston played the song on Thanksgiving at about 6pm.

    I hadn't heard that song in at least 20 years, and it was fun to hear it again.

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