Channel 4 fires Ken Barlow

But they wish him well as they send him away.



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    Another stupid move by BZ.

    Another stupid move by BZ. Gee what a surprise. Ken was a pleasant breath of fresh air in this town. Enough with the twenty year old pretty people!! BZ is becoming 7 News. Just lost another viewer.

    Ken Barlow & Bruce Schwoegler!!

    I agree! Ken Barlow was a breath of fresh air is was the reason i loved watching channel 4 as of late! He worked very well with Jack Williams-Jonathan Elias and Lisa Hughes, Had a great personality was funny and smart and i loved watching him and that whole 5-6pm News crew!! Sorry to see Ken Go..As for WBZ!! It took you like 15-Years and How many Chief meteorologists you went through to find a replacement for Legendary WBZ Meteorologist Bruce Schwoegler?? And when you finally found One like Bruce you let him go??? Stupid Move!! And to begin with you NEVER should have Let Bruce Schwoegler go in the first place!! I just dont know what im going to do or who im going to watch?? Barry&Harvey are the only two-left from the 1970s era We dont want to look at some blonde Barbie Doll who doesnt know about the weather!! I want Ken Back!! Jay Usher from Newton

    First off....I agree that Ken

    First off....I agree that Ken was pretty the Dave Murray mold....Bruce Schoegler was...innaccurate? arrogant? lousey? As a former weather watcher for the station I would say give me Barry Burbank every day and the rest can hide in the office....

    weather people

    I know this is a bit late but I feel the same way!!I knew something was missing and realized it was Ken. I also felt a loss w/o Bruce. One day they were just gone. No info, or anything.

    I miss Ken's professionalism

    I miss the professionalism that Ken Barlow brought to his forcasts. The other meterologists bring folksy charm, but not much else. I find my mind wandering when I hear Melissa Mack prattle on in the mornings. I actually like Todd too, but Ken was the best of the bunch. Godspeed Mr. Barlow. Godspeed.

    Ken Barlow

    Let's face it, in the last several years BZ has let go of anyone over 40. Bob Lobel, Joyce Kulhaywick, Dan Rea, Scott Wahle, kept Barry Burbank, but gives him the lousy hours, Ed Carroll and now, Ken Barlow. I don't know who makes the decisions at that station, but they should fire them!!! They should also fire whoever hired David Wade...he is obnoxious!

    RE: Ken Barlow Departure

    Not a good move by WBZ....Ken gave a straight, direct forecast..
    Not like Tood (who likes snow) & puts in snow 2-3 times a week last winter
    even though we didn't get any since mid Feb. ....
    Ken said most of the snow would miss us & he was RIGHT!
    Todd puts in too many snow days, even when thre isn't any....
    Now all he can do now is put sun or clouds( rain) until next Dec or so...
    Knowing hm, he'll put it in in November... Bad move by WBZTV!

    Ken Barlow

    I will really miss Ken Barlow. He was professional, pleasant, and engaging. WBZ's treatment of him is reprehensible.

    ken Barlow

    WBZ blew it! Ken Barlow was adorable, professional and fun to watch. Wrote to WBZ and they said he left on his own and they didn't know his future plans. SURE!!! What do they take us for idiots? Bad move WBZ.

    They fired him!!!

    Hi I am a family member of Ken's and yes you are right they fired him.....because he was too good. They decided to use a computer program for their weather and not a real meteorologist. His replacement just reports what the computer gives him to report. In New England that just doesn't cut it!

    Ken Barlow

    Ken was one of the best. Sarah R needs somebody to dress her. Keep her away from grey. Spruce her up. I guess I'll have to go to fox 25. Hopefully he will follow Sarah Underwood which is another one that you shouldn't have let go.qor

    Ken Barlow

    Bad management decision to fire Ken Barlow. WBZ will lose me and a lot of other viewers. Ken was reputable and experienced. New Englanders take their weather forecasts seriously. Station has a knack for poor decisions. Sacramento you win the prize. Thankfully Boston still have Barry Burbank.

    Ken Barlow

    I will say to all of you I agree with "I will miss Ken". That is how I felt several years back when he left the Twin Cities. But last night it was announced that he would be returning. YAY!! I love Ken...

    Welcome Home Ken

    I am with you I am SOOOOOOOO very happy he will be back in Minnesota. I use to pull up old Boston weather casts just to watch him after he left! Welcome home Ken don't ever leave us again!


    We are glad Ken will be returning to the Minneapolis area............really missed him and his great forcasts. Always exciting and interesting weather in the Mpls/St. Paul area.

    So happy you are coming back!!!

    Ken Barlow has gone

    I can't believe Ken has left Channel 10 in Sacramento. He was the very best. First Patty Sousa now Ken..Who's next?
    Dale? Melissa? I'm about ready to change the channel.