DA: Alleged Halloween bat basher really got into his role

A Fury: (via)A Fury (via)When Carmen Picardi of Everett bashed a woman in the head with a baseball bat early on Halloween, he wasn't just dressed as a baseball player - he was made up as a member of the vicious, pinstriped Furies from the movie "The Warriors" - the Suffolk County District Attorney's office charges.

Picardi, 39, was ordered held in lieu of $75,000 bail at his arraignment today for an early morning beating outside North Station that left a woman in a pool of blood on the sidewalk, the DA's office reports:

Prosecutors allege that Picardi swung a Louisville Slugger baseball bat at a 21-year-old Medford woman, hitting her in the head and causing serious injuries that required about 50 staples to treat, while wearing face paint, a dark wig, and a baseball uniform - the dress of the "Furies" gang from the movie The Warriors.

Prosecutors say Picardi and three pals then got in a cab, but the driver ordered them out because he was a Brookline driver and so not licensed to pick up fares in Boston. The driver later helped police identify Picardi, the DA's office says.

Innocent, etc.

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        39 Years Old

        WTF? Um, what was that about out-of-control college kids again?

        Or is this just another one of those losers who used to go into the city to beat people up because they thought the city was a place to act like a gangsta? Only, one that never grew up?

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        Pay Attention Much?

        Just ask certain city councilors - "out of control college students" seem to be the culprit of choice for many of the city's ills.

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        College students buying drugs

        By on

        College students buying drugs bankrolls a lot of crime in the city. But no one really wants to talk about that.

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        I've heard some chatter about noisy parties

        And it doesn't offend me much, probably because I attended a lot of wild parties when I was in college. I would wager that if you took a survey asking people if they had attended a large, loud gathering (say, 30 or more people) in the last week, in a non-commercial setting, at which more than 80% of the attendees became legally drunk, and then asked them their age and occupation, you might find that college students (or, at the very least, college-aged people) are more likely than any other group to have attended such a gathering. Doesn't mean only college students drink to excess, doesn't mean only college students have large, loud parties that disturb neighbors- just that statistically they attend and/or throw these types of gatherings more often than people who are older, have kids and/or other responsibilities. It's something these awful, bigoted, party-pooping city councillors probably remember having done themselves when they were younger, but now they have to field the phone calls from constituents who say "a bunch of [apparent] college kids are keeping me awake and pissing on my lawn", etc. I don't really understand the attempt to create the sense of some kind of victimhood or persecuted minority status for college students.

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        Yeah- I see it all the time.

        Bingo Swirlygrrl. Groups of guys coming downtown Thursday night thru Sunday- getting drunk- acting like they are bad asses- getting into fights and generally looking for trouble. And they are not kids either- but "adults" are doing this. I don't like to even go near that tri-bar area - Jose Mac's, Ain Tain- Coogan's- it is a madhouse especially at closing time. And my local 7/11 near the Aquarium- what those clerks have to put up with - the absue they take from these drunks- well- they are not paid enough to deal with that crap. I can't count the times the front door to that place has been smashed or broken by drunks on the weekend.

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        A furry

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