MBTA says there'll be no sliding down to Red Line stops

Wicked Local Cambridge reports the T has responded to a request from the Cambridge City Council to install a slide in one of the city's Red Line stops by basically asking, what're you, nuts? The council was inspired by this ad:



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Is it long enough to reach slide-terminal-velocity? Or would you just pad the walls across from the slide and hope for the best. :)

how about a...

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...tornado slide.


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the wall curves toward the platform at the end of the stairwell, so you'd just have to slop some Crisco on the wall to make sure people fly out to the platforms at the end of the slide.

Friday fun with punctuation

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So I was reading this, and enjoying imagining someone at a meeting actually speaking the quote paraphrasing the MBTA's response, and my mind got tripped up by the punctuation. Is the phrase more commonly, "What? Are you nuts?" or, "What are you? Nuts?"?

Ah, the fun ways we find to avoid doing our jobs.

And, I must say, I think they should definitely install one of these at the main Harvard entrance to make it easier to get around oblivious people who don't get that the "train is now approaching" message is like a yellow light in that it's really telling you to step on the gas.

That's not what the yellow

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That's not what the yellow light is telling you. Good thing you take the T rather than drive.

Charge a quarter

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a) they can close the T deficit without raising rates (I'd pay a quarter every time just to see the look on people's faces)
b) lots of people can have some fun for a quarter
c) put the customer service agents in charge of monitoring that the quarter gets charged to your charlie card so they have something to do

C'mon Mr. Davey - for the love of God - it's just a slide!

That's a win-win-win!

Yes, it's all fun and games

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Until the first person who gets injured on this thing decides to sue the T. But I suppose it doesn't bother you that the cost of any resulting settlement or judgment would be borne by the taxpayers. And it would also give the T another excuse to avoid making real improvements to Red Line service (like running more trains on closer headways for a start).

Not to mention the time WASTED by the Cambridge city councilors (which does cost the taxpayers money) who, while being faced with far more important issues, decided to submit a totally unnecessary and frivilous request to the MBTA.

Cambridge City Council is a

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Cambridge City Council is a joke. The City Manager runs Cambridge. The City Council just gives handouts in exchange for votes.

You know you're an idiot when *the MBTA* becomes the voice of reason and competence relative to you.

Bundle of laughs

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What a bundle of laffs you is.

Of course the MBTA could take a page out of Wall Street's books and take out insurance against the survival of the patron-sliders, so that they would reap big revenue if someone went screaming down a slide and bounced headfirst into a wall.

Seems as reasonable here as it does on credit default swaps.

Why so serious?

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Take a joke will ya! (and seriously - a slide is not an inherently dangerous product or we'd have to shut every water park and playground in the country).

As for time wasted - be serious - every minute they spend deliberating is a waste and it's not like they have a whole lot of important issues on their plate.

This is why we can't have nice (and fun) things. Too many lawyers and special interest killjoys!

"By depositing a quarter...

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...the rider acknowledges that all liability and inherent risk...."

Blah, blah lawyer speak for "pay quarter, if you get hurt it's all your fault"

Of course it would have to be set up to take Charlie cards as well.

I'd be curious

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...to see how long it took for a straight slide to develop a switching problem.

The thing would be

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The thing would be contaminated with wino fluids within the first few hours.


I got a short "Vote No on Question 3" ad before the tube skier video loaded. Anyone else have that happen ? Ads, now ?!? That's a first (for me anyway) on YouTube...

Yep, ads in YouTube

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Google's finally getting serious about making money from its video service. I've been seeing "pre-rolls" like that for a couple months or so, seemingly on random videos. I wonder how long before they start embedding ads inside the videos?

You are the product

Google's just getting started. For anybody who has been wondering what Google's product really is... well, it's you. With a decade of your browsing history, your blogs, your email, your maps, and maybe even your telephone calls, Google has a better profile for you than anybody on the planet. They can segment you for advertisers six ways to Sunday. Your eyeballs have been monetized.

They should install a slide

They should install a slide next to a public outdoor staircase. I don't think Cambridge has any, but there are plenty in Boston, Brookline, and Somerville.