One advange New Englanders have over Southerners

On days like this, we can use our back porches and decks as auxiliary refrigerators, as Adam Meuse demonstrates:

Porch fridge

Anne Ruthmann demonstrates the proper use of a deck as a second refrigerator.




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        Where can you get Great Lakes around here?

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        By Adam on

        Unfortunately you can't get Great Lakes around here; however, I got it via a trade from someone who I believe bought it in New York on his way back to Boston. I'm hoping they're going to come into MA soon, as I had a few different GL Beers while I was in Chicago a few weeks ago.

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        Garages work, too

        We have a small garage under our house. We have a rubbermaid storage locker with extra flour and rice and beer and soda in it. We bought a bigass xmas ham and stowed it in there, too. It has been holding steady at 40-45 degrees all winter. We just let the cats in there to explore once a day or so, in case any local rodents get any ideas.

        It was actually traditional for New England and NYC city dwellers to have a special metal windowbox for storing dairy products outside in the winter in the days before refrigeration.

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        South aint so warm either

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        We've been using the back porch as auxiliary left-over storage for the past few days as well. We even ended last night/started today with a few inches off the storm hitting Boston now.

        The big advantage Boston has over the south right now? Snow removal equipment!

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