Crushed car in Jamaica Plain; crushed house in West Roxbury

Crushed car

City Councilor Ayanna Pressley posted a friend's photo of the scene on one Jamaica Plain street this morning.

Meanwhile, a tree fell on the house at 739 VFW Parkway in West Roxbury, damaging it enough firefighters were worried it would collapse.

A tree also crashed into a house at 6 Oak Pl. in Hyde Park, where firefighters summoned an ambulance for an elderly resident having breathing problems.



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Lesson learned?

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Can we stop trying to plant giant trees in sidewalks now?

Seriously? One tree comes

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Seriously? One tree comes down and we should stop planting trees to line our streets? The ugliest streets in JP are the ones with their trees removed by people like you who seem to think that trees are messy and dangerous. Or maybe you were being sarcastic, in which case I apologize.

One tree? Puh-lease.

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There are sidewalk trees down all over the city! Look at the roots on that tree...they're pitiful for a tree that size. It's not that they're "messy" but they are dangerous because none of the trees that are that old were ever put in with the understanding of how they'd co-exist between the sidewalk and their need for a root system. The end result is either complete upheaval of the sidewalk before today (so the tree can grow its roots for stability in wind like Sunday) or collapsed trees that had a footing of about 3 ft by 3 ft.

I care more about the tree than that person's car...and that tree was abused. It just finally lashed back at its abusers. Now, just imagine if the storm had been any stronger around here. Plenty more homes, cars, etc. would have been taken out by these 50+ year old trees that have no foundation because they were expected to just "grow" in the worst conditions possible.

You are 100% right.

I noticed some of these huge sidewalk trees had their roots against curbs that were 4-6 feet deep and forced the roots to go in the opposite direction of the concrete curbs.

or maybe the city could hire

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or maybe the city could hire landscape architects to adopt sidewalks, streets and utility corridors which place less restrictions on root growth and let trees do what they've evolved to do in situations like this.


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Although, to accomplish most of that by retro-fitting to what exists now would probably require cutting out the current trees...or deleting a large number of sidewalks.

They must have need three

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They must have need three helicopters to plant that monster! Don't want trees in your neighborhood? Move to Midtown. Or Nebraska.

That VFW tree in the house.

One of the worst ones I have seen today. Basically crushed the entire second floor. Anyone in that top bedroom would have been killed. Lucky no one was there.