In the land of the dumbasses, the last one smiling gets arrested

Alleged dumbassBoston Police report this guy went up to another guy on Guest Street in Brighton - around 5:45 a.m. last Thursday - told him he has this $1,000 lottery ticket but because he needs money now, he was willing to sell it for just $500.

The second guy said sure, but only if he could take the first guy's picture, just in case, you know, the ticket turns out not to be real. Which police say is just what happened. So now the second guy is out $500 but at least he has the guy's picture, which he turned over to police, who have issued a BOLO for the guy, last seen driving a red Camry, plate number 758 GN4.



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    because waiting until 9am

    because waiting until 9am when the lottery office opens is just too much effort when you need it NOW. Even if the ticket was legit, its still sketchy.

    And if y'all know where Guest Street is.. that area would be very sketchy at 545am.

    there aren't any houses

    there aren't any houses there, right? you have to cross Beacon or at least go past the Volvo shop, right? I know two blocks may still be a neighborhood, and I'll admittedly cut down Guest Street sometimes when I'm biking, but I'm not sure I'd be carrying around $500 there at 5:45am.

    Was there an ATM nearby?

    If the, er, "victim" had to stop by an ATM for the 500 bucks, how blindingly greedy did he have to be to ignore his gut, which was clearly telling him "Danger, Will Robinson!" to such an extent that he took a picture as part of the transaction?

    If he didn't have to stop by an ATM, what was someone doing with that much cash on them, in that area, before the crack of dawn? Just curious...

    I'm still amazed that people

    I'm still amazed that people fall for these routines. It's like the Nigerian Scam. Who is stupid enough to think that that's a good idea? But obviously some people are cause folks keep committing the fraud.

    Are you kidding? The Nigerian

    Are you kidding? The Nigerian Scam is like the con job in The Sting compared to this one. "Wow, you have a thousand dollar lottery ticket and you want to sell it to me, right now?! What are the odds??"