The whole megillah, possibly stolen

Stolen megilla?

Arlington Police recovered two Hebrew scrolls from a guy they say is known to buy stolen property and are now seeking to identify the actual owners.

Belong to a synagogue missing megillas? Contact Inspector Brian Connerney, 781-316-3914.

Via the Jewish-Boston mailing list, where you'll also find a photo of the safe they were found in.



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    Torah's are occasionally

    Torah's are occasionally stolen because they are rare and super-expensive (something on the order of $40,000 a few years ago for a new one). Each one has to be hand-written by a qualified scribe (and there are very few of those) who has to follow very strict laws. Because each Torah is unique, their are companies that measure certain aspects of each scroll (the length and height of particular characters for instance) and then put them into a database so that if one is every stolen it can be returned to its rightful owner.

    Since these megillot are also handwritten they could also be checked against a database like this. I don't know if the owners would have known or bothered to enter them into a database but its possible.