Red Sox say: It gets better



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    Way to go Sox! And Sam for a

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    Way to go Sox! And Sam for a 12 year old kid you are far wiser than so many people in this world - thank you for getting this done!

    It gets better!

    homosexual or not

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    it gets worse when you stand before God in your sin and try to make a deal - Jesus died for sins of man and we just ignore, it gets worse God is a just judge who must punish sin justly, he chose to punish himself, but if we reject that he will punish you in your sin and you will have to bear that out yourself, so it gets much worse, gay or straight, we are all sinners every moment we live.


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    for the clarification on that.

    Gods don't exist

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    So sinners have nothing to worry about in that regard. But if what you said is what it takes for you to keep yourself from sinning, keep on keeping on.

    Lucky for most of us

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    We aren't fundamentalist Christians, so your theology doesn't apply to us.

    Jesus is Lord of Lords, but

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    Jesus is Lord of Lords, but Gospel is foolishness to those who are must be do have a second chance here..if you believe you will be placed under grace and forever forgiven.."blessed is that man who sin God cannot hold against him" Romans 4 and Psalms of David

    Objectively speaking we can prove Jesus is God.

    "Every knee will bow every tongue confess, that Jesus is God to the glory of the father."

    Jesus fulfilled 40 old testament prophecies,

    Objectively from history we know Alexander the Great translated old testament into greek, so we know that it existed 300 years before Christ came to earth. It speaks of where he was born, lived and came did only one person come from 3 places Galilee Bethelehem and Egypt..only one man did, the God man Jesus, thanks be to God. He is worthy of your praise. Praise him for what he did and is doing even now, praise him!


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    You're full of crap. But I like you; you're crazy.

    Sorry, buster

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    Rapture was last month. And here we all are.

    Oh, wait - I guess that guy's random interpretation of a book of stories was wrong, and your random interpretation of a book of stories is right. I just can't argue with objective truth like that.

    "Objectively from history we know Alexander the Great... " Whoa

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    You spouted this nonsense the last time you posted here.

    The legend has Ptolemy commissioning the Septuagint, not Alexander. But, even that legend is...a legend.

    FFS, at least get as educated as Wikipedia will do for you.

    Yes, Jesus is Lord, but please crawl back under your Fundagelical rock. Ignoramuses like you give Christians a bad name. Like we needed the help.

    Good thing

    that the only REAL deity is the Flying Spaghetti Monster. You can believe in your imaginary "God" who apparently created a mud-man and a rib-woman and forces people to ritually cannibalize a Jewish zombie, but we all know that the only true path is the Pastafarian one. He boiled for your sins!


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    Could I love Youk more? I think not. So happy to see this video - thanks, as always Adam, for posting.

    A good start

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    And of course I would expect nothing less from our beloved Red Sox. Thanks guys!

    Now it'll really get better when all professional athletes can be open about their sexuality without fear of rejection and/or reprisals!

    Adam, a man of honor giving

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    Adam, a man of honor giving credit where credit is due -- again! If I read the sports news, I would have seen the article. For some reason, I expected this story to be on the front page! : )

    Oh, Adam?

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    Would you mind updating the tag to LGBT or GLBT or queer or something since you usually use it for posts that also include lesbians, bisexual folks, and transgender folks? Thanks!