So what else could go wrong on the T today?

How about "a structural problem" that has closed the bus ramp to JFK/UMass? The T is running a shuttle bus between JFK and Andrew.

Oh, and there's a boring disabled train at Braintree.



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      Crumbling ramp

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      It's the ramp that goes in the Shaw's Supermarket direction, which has been crumbling and rusting away for years, and apparently rained some chunks of itself onto the plaza below earlier this week. Yesterday they had the underneath police-taped off, then there was a metal cage blocking the whole aea. Today they had a crew starting repairs in the rain. Tonight they were working under the lights, and the ramp was finally closed. I don't know why this would lead to busing as the main staircase was stilll open. But maybe they have to do some work that involves shutting down the entire entrance for a while, or worst case they discovered that the structural problems extend farther than they thought. Anyway, I doubt that they have to bus everyone going through JFK/UMass on the Red Line. They probably can't use the exit and have to bus passengers who need to get on or off at JFK from Andrew.

      why a shuttle bus?

      I don't get how running a shuttle bus between JFK and Andrew solves anything -- I mean, the Red Line already runs between these two points.

      From the announcement on the

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      From the announcement on the T if you want to get off at JFK/UMASS but are in a wheelchair you get off at Andrew and take a shuttle bus which will drop you off outside of the JFK/UMASS station

      With the pedestrian ramp

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      With the pedestrian ramp closed, a person in a wheelchair can't get from the busway to the station. I imagine the shuttle is just for someone who needs the ramp and can't use the stairs at JFK.

      Structural problem probably means big chunks of concrete have fallen off of the ramp. The generous coating of salt applied to it over the last few weeks probably has not helped.