Another body found floating under the BU Bridge; this could be a homicide

UPDATE: Authorities ID body as that of missing student.

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports another body was found this morning, near where a middle-aged man's body was found floating yesterday. No ID yet.

Steve Saleeba reports that, per State Police, a BU rowing coach found the body. Mike Riley tweets police shut one lane on the bridge to let a recovery team do its work.

The Globe reports the body found today was bound with chains attached to a cinderblock.



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I am so hoping

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it is not the missing young man from Allston.


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Makes you wonder how many other bodies are floating in the Charles when we aren't on the lookout....

There are plenty of people to notice a floating body.

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There are plenty of people to notice a floating body. Between the rowers, kayakers, and sailors, there are hundreds of people on the Lower Charles, below the Watertown Dam, every day. And the Charles River Cleanup Boat is scouring the shoreline for floating trash every few days from May to November. Not to mention all the runners and cyclists using the shoreline paths.

BC student

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Weren't people talking about this theory w/the BC student that was found in the reservoir last year?

Millions of people

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live around the river. It's a popular place for tourist, college students and locals alike. It's popular at night because the views are pretty, and of course at night many people are tired, some may be intoxicated [or high], and accidentally fall in [bang their head, become unconscious], and drown. It's unfortunately a popular place to commit suicide, also. Homeless folks, some of whom are mentally ill, also go to it, especially at night.

As for the so-called Smiley Face killer[s], I don't think there are any. Young men are a demographic prone at a pretty high rate to risk taking, violence , even suicide. Many towns, cities are located near body[s] of water, and many young males get intoxicated at night, attempt to go home, wander, have an accident, drown and die. Just my opinion.

Smiley Face

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I know for a fact that a lot of college students go to the river to get high and watch the lights reflect off the water. I also know a decent number of them drink on the small docks along the river. (I gave a Very Stern Safety Lecture to some of my dorm-mates on the matter as a freshman. They, obviously, did not care.)

As for Smiley Face Killer, I'd bet a lot of drunk guys stop to pee in the water, and fall in. Drunk guys pee everywhere, and I'd bet rivers are fair-er game than, say, the ground.

Hmmmm. Makes you wonder

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With the increasing number of male bodies found floating in the Charles makes you wonder if there is a serial killer targeting males along the Charles River. Possibly a male rapist or homophobe targeting gay or suspected gay men. Maybe another Craigslist killer type follower. Investigation should include autopsy and any internet activity over the last few weeks.

Two is a trend?

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As for yesterday's victim, the Globe reports:

State Police said the man had been treated Sunday in Cambridge Hospital after sustaining injuries from falling on the sidewalk. He was intoxicated at the time, and police said he might have been homeless. He was treated and released a few hours later.

innocent explanations

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Plenty of innocent explanations for that.

Maybe he rode his bike to the bridge to go fishing. While chaining his bike to a cinderblock, he tripped, and got tangled up in the chains. In his struggle to free himself from the chains, he went over railing into the river.

Ok, maybe that's a stretch . . .


I'm glad I'm not the only one who seems to have thought about this.

Now I can't help but wonder if this was a daredevil copycat stunt gone horribly wrong ... and if there is somebody who isn't telling all he or she knows.


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didnt he do some tricks in the charles?

im betting this is a domestic thing. it has to be somebody with the time and place to chain and weigh down the body? not the quietest spot to dump a body but who knows. i cant remember anyone ever being pulled out of the charles like this. weird.

Julaine Jules

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Don't forget: Jualine Jules, who was murdered in 2004- allegedly by this guy.

Her body had been wrapped in plastic and submerged somehow. She surfaced on the Memorial Drive side about a month after she was killed and dumped.

Could be that this guy

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Could be that this guy somehow REALLY pissed them off and this is a warning to others. Otherwise it doesn't make sense.