Assault on off-duty officer, cruiser crash shut VFW Parkway in West Roxbury

Crashed cruiser. Photo by Christian O'Brien.Crashed cruiser. Photo by Christian O'Brien.

An alleged gun assault on an off-duty police officer on the VFW Parkway across from the West Roxbury Education Complex entrance this morning led to a massive police response followed a few minutes later by a crash at VFW Parkway and LaGrange Street.

Around 10:15 a.m., an off-duty officer called for help. Responding officers quickly responded, found the two teens who might have pointed a gun at him and detained them. A few minutes after the initial call, a cruiser collided with another vehicle in the intersection.

Police then shut the parkway to divert traffic around the crash scene. In addition to the officer, at least one other person was injured in the crash.

SUV the cruiser collided with in the background. Photo by Christian O'Brien.SUV the cruiser collided with in the background. Photo by Christian O'Brien.



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      I rode by this on my way in

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      I rode by this on my way in this morning just before the police were screaming up in marked cruisers. The undercover had one teen on the ground with his foot planted firmly in his ass and I witnessed him slinging a gun away on what looked like a belt and holster. Seconds later there was a line of cop cars flying down the parkway sirens blaring.

      Heard on the radio

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      that the officer was transported with BLS. Might want to keep him/her in your thoughts.

      Just an FYI

      BLS is the 'good' one of the two, "basic life support" as opposed to ALS, "advanced life support", where paramedics (with a higher degree of training) work with EMTs to keep you alive on the way to the hospital.

      I think this officers injuries were later reported to be 'bumps and bruises' and its pretty standard for cops (or really most people that get hurt at their job) to end up at the hospital, regardless of how minor their injuries may be.

      It will be interesting to hear the details on this one...

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      Particularly as to whether it was dumb (bad)luck that a gun was pulled on an off-duty cop or whether the cop saw something and intervened.

      On a totally unrelated note, that appears (to me at least) to be a Volvo XC70, which can't fairly be considered an SUV. If it were an XC90, well that'd be different.

      Size doesn't matter

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      The XC70 is in the class of "luxury crossover SUV".

      (And this is why we don't generally want to use "SUV" to mean "large, raised passenger vehicle" when said vehicle may not in fact have things like all-terrain features, towing capacity, etc. that make something a sport-utility vehicle.)


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      Good to see these kids hitting the books. A few questions though, 1) Why where this two thugs allowed to be roaming around the school while they are supposed to be in class? Last I checked school stared at 7:20am! 2) Also, does Boston still employ truant officers?

      Rosh Hashanah

      I don't know about Boston, but Newton and Marblehead are both off for the religious holiday.


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      a school district with behavior problems probably just shouldn't ever close. Veteran's Day? Sorry, everyone's in class. Go blame the bad kids.


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      Bussing! Invest in education not un-needed transportation.

      How would you know what time

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      How would you know what time this school starts? And I'm pretty sure these two "thugs" could spell better than your ignorant ass. I think you're the one that needs to head to school on time. Sup with the grammar errors in your foolish response?!!?

      Clear headed cops?

      I expect trained law enforcement professionals to keep their wits under pressure. In this event, a car chase, or even a road accident, it seems to me that too often the response is much larger than called for and risking public safety. I don't know the details on this crash, just that a taxpayer paid for vehicle is smashed up and undriveable. A cop needing backup with two armed teens is very serious, but how many cars and helicopters need to respond?

      When there is a crash on the highway, unnecessary lanes seem to get shut down, mostly to make parking for all the cops and fire trucks showing up and wanting to park as close as possible rather than in places that less interfere with traffic. What best serves the public?

      You have family? When one of

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      You have family? When one of them is shot and killed because a cop took his time to get to the scene, let us know what you think. You can stand in front of the casket and tell them, "You died, but at least no cop was speeding when it happened."

      Of course you want a quick response...but a safe one

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      The person in the volvo has a family, too. We don't know the details of the crash, but in general, for the public and for public safety officers, driving at high speeds is dangerous.