Chinatown businesses raided in EBT fraud investigation

The Globe reports five stores in Chinatown were raided yesterday as part of a state investigation into alleged abuses of the cards, given to poor people to buy food. The Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports four people will be arraigned today after their arrests as part of the raids.



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    Its the new

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    "American Dream" Welfare!

    human values, not even christian values

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    This is a story about how people sold their benefits for cash, which is a crime. This is a crime story.

    The country has been going through he worst recession wince the great depression and a lot of people lost jobs through no fault of their own. Rather than starve, we chip in through gov't and make sure they have money to buy food and toothpaste. You got a problem with that?

    I do have a problem with

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    I do have a problem with that! People think they are too good for just any job and so resort to stealing! I have worked and scrubbed toilets and floors to take care of myself and my responsibilities! Now I have to pay taxes to pay for fraudulent people looking for the easy way out? I don't think so! Occupy THIS!

    Maybe their lawyer can call

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    Maybe their lawyer can call an expert witness for their defense who can testify that they're only anecdotes.

    Look it's tea party Dave

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    Dave implies that people who break the law abusing food stamps are the same as people who use the program. He's wrong.

    its not my

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    Fault you went to school for liberal arts and majored in finger painting, sorry that your passion doesnt pay well

    why yes! I did go to college!

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    and worked by a-- off through 2 degrees to achieve the career field I am in! not only did I scrub floors and toilets, I waited tables while going to school and paid all of it on my own! No pity for those looking for the easy way out! It may not be the job of your dreams but you have got to do SOMETHING to take care of yourself! no one else owes you anything!

    You're right, the express

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    You're right, the express purpose of going to university is to make money. Everyone should be an insurance agent, investment banker, politician or accountant. If not, then they should be smart enough to have rich parents who can put them through law/medical school so that they can make a bunch of money off of all those IDIOTS who went to school for something other than becoming morally bankrupt for profit.

    The lack of jobs in the USA has been caused by too many people going to college for dumb things. Outsourcing, downsizing and otherwise maximizing profits at the expense of the worker has nothing to do with it. Inflation and the rising cost of gas, food, medical care and other basic needs only affects people who are poor and stupid... everyone should just have money from their parents to fall back on like I did!

    Those of us who didn't have

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    Those of us who didn't have money from their parents to fall back on might consider an education toward a real job and suck it up and work crappy jobs until they get there- like I did! It really irks me to have to pay taxes to pay for those who don't "feel" like working and would just rather "occupy" a public lawn and moan!

    Luckily that's not why you're paying taxes

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    Last time I checked, we were clawing our way out of a nasty recession, and there's an unusually high employment rate. Especially for low-skill workers. So those "toilet scrubbing" jobs you are so proud of are actually rather hard to get these days. It's not laziness that's keeping so many people out of work.

    Maybe you should get your facts from a non-fantasy source. Just because you see a bunch of idiot kids on a lawn doesn't mean there isn't a problem with the job market.

    Oh, I have my facts and

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    Oh, I have my facts and totally know the reality! I personally know people who are drawing unemployment since they were laid off even though they have been on interviews and were offered jobs because it wasn't the perfect job for them. And yes, I am proud to have worked so hard no matter what my job was because I could continue to take care of myself and not lean on the government and suck money away from people who really need it like the elderly and disables people. My job cut my hours back from full time to part time just this past year. Did I go whine on some public lawn? No, I got 2 more less than savory jobs outside of my career field and I keep going, hoping to get back into full time work in my career field. So THIS IS REALITY! You are the one living in the fantasy! There ARE jobs out there,you just have to be resourceful! Or should I say be WILLING to be resourceful. Don't get mad at me because your work ethic is less than mine!

    No, there aren't those jobs

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    Again, get a clue, stop watching Faux News.

    The news is worse for high school dropouts. One in five of them have lost their jobs since 2007, with about half of those losses occurring after the recession ended, the Urban Institute said. Overall, the unemployment rate for high school dropouts was 13.1 percent last month.

    13.1% unemployment there means that no-skill jobs are going to be tough to find! You cannot just "go outside" your career field because there simply aren't enough jobs like that right now!