Citizen complaint of the day: Jones Hill is alive with the sound of chirping

A going-insane resident of the Dorchester neighborhood pleads for help:

For almost a year now, there has been a "cheep" every 30 seconds here on Jones Hill. Really - I first heard it last July or August. It sounds exactly like a smoke detector with a low battery, only it hasn't died in 10 months. I have no idea if there's anything the city can do about this, but it was awful last summer, tolerable in the winter and spring when windows are closed, and now that summer's here again, it would be nice to be outside or have windows open and not hear a chirp every 30 seconds. Maybe there's an intern who needs a project and could hunt it down and destroy it for us?



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      I walk my dog all over Jones

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      I walk my dog all over Jones Hill and I've never heard the chirping, but St. Mary's Women and Children's Center would be my prime suspect.

      This is usually a sign that a

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      This is usually a sign that a battery somewhere is dead.

      usually in something important - such as a fire/smoke detector - any empty apts/condos around? could also be in basement.

      Could also be a dead battery for a verizon cable box which you may be able to search out - there will be a somewhat square box in nude color about 1ftx1ft on the outside of the house with a cable that usu runs into the basement.
      It's the basement power source that would be giving the beeps
      This happened in my house - we switched to comcast but verizon left all their crap here - and we kept hearing this beep for weeks until we finally realized what it was and took it down.

      Crossing signal?

      We have a chirping crossing signal on a pedestrian walk light in our neighborhood. Drives you mad when you're near it. Glad it isn't close to me.


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      I live near there and there is a walk signal at Pleasant and Sawyer that is HORRIBLY loud. I can hear it through closed windows in the winter. It absolutely could be that.

      Try 11 Hesston Terrace.

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      It's an unoccupied building. The smoke detectors sometimes go off for hours. This has happened 3 or 4 times in the past year.