Citizen complaint of the day: A rather dickish move in Dorchester

A concerned resident of Roseclair Street in Dorchester photographs the sidewalk in front of his or her house - newly put down and newly decorated:

As much as I love penis - drawing it in the cement in front of my house isn't how I want to come home.



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      Hey, this is a family site!

      OK, it isn't, I just felt like saying that. If you want to see what phalluses drawn in fresh cement look like, click on the link in the post.

      Yes, that link that wasn't in the post until I read your note and realized I'd left it out ...

      It would annoy me if I have

      It would annoy me if I have to see a dick on the sidewalk everyday for the next 10-20 years too (though I'm having trouble seeing the complaint, seems like the site is down). I hope a solution can be done. If not, I rather drill a hole which is a waste of a new sidewalk.