Cop who jumped into Fort Point Channel to save woman recognized for heroism

The Globe reports on the commendation for Officer Edward T. Norton for his action in saving a woman who wound up in Fort Point Channel on Friday.



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    again, NOT smart

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    Great PR, stupid stunt. He's lucky he didn't have a heart attack, for example:

    First lesson in rescue is to not become a victim yourself - aside from the danger to yourself, you also endanger or slow the rescue of the primary victim if properly equipped rescuers arrive on-scene and they have to deal with you, as well.

    In 40 degree water, you have *thirty minutes* before you're so hypothermic that you'll pass out, and you'll require at least active external warming. In the meantime, your muscles stiffen and your mental capacity (judgement and coordination, for example) go out the window. Remember that you're also swimming with clothing on, which is a source of large amounts of drag.

    Firefighters have wetsuits or drysuits to keep them warm. You don't. In an urban environment where properly equipped rescue crews will respond within minutes, this "ILL SAVE YOU!" stuff isn't very smart.

    Lay off it

    Yes, this isn't lifesaving 101 or wikipedia approved, but the officer's initial actions indicate that he knew damn well what he was getting into.

    Consider that swimming with clothing on isn't any big deal for a strong swimmer (and he IS a strong swimmer), and may also extend your time in the water, just like a wetsuit does.

    He tried the right things, she was apparently injured by the drop, and he willingly took a calculated risk to save her (also knowing that the properly attired teams were already on their way and would get there within the hypothermia window).

    Thank you, SwirrlyGrrl...

    Your summary neatly exemplifies what cops have to do in dire situations, unlike in other countries where so-called "health and safety" rules must be rigidly followed to protect the officers vs. the victims.

    And yes, anon should lay off their lectures and stop trolling for negative attention.

    This comment AGAIN

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    Seriously, dude. It's Christmas. Lighten up. The guy saved a woman's life and they both get to live to see another holiday. Enough with the lectures.

    If it was you in that water

    I would have definitely waited for a properly equipped first responder. I mean, what the heck, if you drowned it's not like there isn't plenty of anon(not verified)'s to take your place.

    So sad

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    someone else did not jump in to save this woman. What's the matter with people today? You want to watch but do nothing?