Feds: Doc spent $2,700 on videos showing underaged boys playing naked Twister, smearing stuff on bodies

A federal criminal complaint against Richard Keller, a pediatric endocrinologist at Children's Hospital and former medical director at Phillips Academy in Andover, details some of the DVDs he's alleged to have ordered online between 2009 and 2011. Associated Press reports neither the hospital nor the school reported any complaints about his behavior with children under his care.

Innocent, etc.



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Who can really complain about

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Who can really complain about a doctor touching their children? The fact that he chose "touching children" as his profession (and cover) makes it extra disgusting.

Like 1920's and 1950's naturalist films?

How is Twister considered "sexually explicit conduct" as required by laws?

I'm not defending the creepy sounding guy, but are my parents going to jail for the infant picture of me crawling bare arsed on the floor? There is a real witch hunt on these days against "sexting" photos which don't display any sexual actions. Laws are what's getting twisted.

He looks like

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an ahole in that pic.

Just saying.