Fringe continues to mock Boston geography

Amber Ying chronicles all the Boston-related mistakes Fringe made on its latest episode, most spectacularly the character who was taking a Red Line bus to Worcester.



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    I'm usually equally perplexed

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    I'm usually equally perplexed at someone taking the Red Line to Allston, but long ago wrote off Fringe's mistakes and continuity issues to the alternate universes. The show is that good.

    For those who don't know, the Science Channel picked it up in syndication and has been heavily (and brilliantly!) promoting the 11/20 debut.

    Red Line to Worcester

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    A Red Line bus to Worcester would certainly make things easier for Sob Story guy to get to his non-existent shelter.


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    I'm a fairly frequent spotter and tweeter of #sobstoryguy's comings and goings at South Station and its surrounds.

    My pastor follows me on twitter and asked me this morning why I'm so mean to someone who's down on his luck. I explained the concept of a con to the good man.

    Go talk to your pastor again

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    If someone is in a place where they're hanging out at transit stops conning people, they're down on their luck.


    Not all people begging for money are down on their luck

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    This guy is a scam artist. So are some other people who ask for money on the street. His spiel is exactly the same every time I see him. I guarantee there are at least a dozen people here and/or on twitter who could tell you, word for word, what his speech is.

    He is not trying to get $10 to get to Worcester to see his grandma. He might be trying to get $10 for drugs but he's not getting it from me.


    I'm not sure you understand

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    Sure he's scamming people. I'm not arguing that point. People who are happy and have strong life skills don't spend their days scamming people. Have some compassion. You can understand why someone is doing something and have compassion while still disliking their behavior and setting limits around it.

    It's just like when my kid does something stupid. I have compassion and understand why my kid is doing it. And then I set limits so kiddo doesn't learn that these things are effective ways of being in the world. But I don't name-call or make fun of my kid on twitter or anything.


    Have you experienced this person?

    We've been talking about him - and posting pictures - for at least a year. Very annoying, gets on trains and is always asking for money to go somewhere that he can't get to the direction he's going, or for a train trip he can make without exiting the subway.

    Drug problem or supplemental income - either way, a scammer.

    For sure

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    Yeah, no doubt he's annoying, and we don't need to reinforce the behavior by giving him money, but we can have compassion. Again, someone who's well-adjusted and content in life isn't spending their days scamming people on the T.

    That's nothing!

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    Robert Urich on "Spenser For Hire" would regularly have foot chases that started in the Back Bay and two seconds later he'd be chasing his prey past Fanueil Hall!

    Similar to Assassin's Creed 3

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    Kotaku, a gaming news website, had an interesting write-up on the new Assassin's Creed game set during the Revolutionary War. One of the zones is historic Boston and the relation to today's city is much better than anything you find in Fringe.

    I gave up on Fringe

    About 6 episodes in. My hats off to anyone who can watch the show well enough to count the location mistakes. Sounds like a good drinking game in the making.


    Even better

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    If you went the wrong way up Essex and Boylston at 60 mph, you could be at Fenway in about 2 minutes. Heh.

    But even better is when Mark Wahlberg's character asked Ted to drive him to's about a 4 block walk from where his apartment was in the South End to where they were staging his car rental company job near the Mass Pike at Marginal and Charles St. So, it would have been faster to walk up Chandler and cross the bridge over the Pike on foot than drive because of the one-way streets. He'd never have had to worry about being late either since it's only a 5 minute walk.

    Even Mirabelli didn't do it

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    Even Mirabelli didn't do it that fast with the police chaffeurs.