Good gravy: Turkey in Harvard Square

Turkey in Harvard Square, Cambridge

Don't you just want to gobble her up?

Dan K. stumbled upon a turkey with places to go on Eliot Street this morning.



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Professor Gallopavo?

Professor Meleagris Gallopavo? Is that you?

Teaching assistant for OEB 190, if I'm not mistaken.

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Turkey sighting in Roslindale

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I saw a turkey crossing Newburgh street near Belgrade Ave. in Roslindale Wednesday morning. They're everywhere!

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Common in Cambridge

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We have them in our backyard (between Harvard and Central) on a frequent basis.
I don't mind them much, and the dog thinks their poop is an especially delicious treat.

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Look Liz Warren is hard at work campaigning, maybe shes got a chance.

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Naw ...

That Turkey is clearly headed for the Stylists, shown in the picture.

Must be Scott Brown, trying to improve his "All American White Meat" image.

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Never get tired . . .

. . . of the candid wild turkey photos. Something about those birds- especially in urban settings- just fascinates me.

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