The Herald loves to needle its readers

Herald coversTake a jab at finding the similarities here.

A roving UHub correspondent thought there was something familiar about today's Herald front page, which featured a gloved hand holding a syringe to illustrate an end-of-the-world headline about state oversight of that fungus-infested Framingham pharmacy. Sure enough, he rummaged around and discovered the Herald had used the same exact stock photo a year or so ago to illustrated a front-page, end-of-the-world headline about people selling themselves as human guinea pigs for drug tests. Only today's version didn't feature the white-coated guy holding a fistful of dollar in the other hand.

Hmm, what could the Herald use Needleman for next?



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Howie Carr's weekly Botox treatment!

Different shots from same shoot?

The needle looks to be at a different angle. Looks like a 1" 25ga typically used for IM shots. A Herald photog could have snapped some pics while getting a a shingles ($$$) or flu shot at any Walgreens. Might have been a herpes or clap shot at a clinic...

I think it is a needlewoman judging from the non-man hands.

Jabbing the Herald

Wait - you mean, the mean old regulators intent on destroying small businesses like this compounding pharmacy and preventing job creation are now incompetent regulators that didn't do their jobs?

Maybe its an irony shot.

Dan Kennedy @ Media Nation

Dan Kennedy at Media Nation,, has the same BH front pages. John Carroll of the Campaign Outsider blog, usually feasts on this stuff, but instead he's GIVING THE NEEDLE to a player on the Yankees. It's all needles all the time.