JP man's hobby: Participating in clinical drug trials

The Jamaica Plain Gazette interviews a man who has participated in 269 clinical trials to date.



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      Depends on the type of trial

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      In theory, rooting out adverse drug interactions is desirable during clinical trials. In practice, they usually just leave that bit of data gathering up to the general population.

      But, clinical trials usually don't like to use the elderly for other reasons. It's very hard to find healthy ones, which makes adverse effects harder to pin down, and if one happens to die during the clinical trial for an unrelated reason, you lose data and you have to explain that your drug wasn't responsible.

      That said, given the rising ages of baby boomers, I imagine Phase IV trials involving the elderly are more common these days.

      Yes it could, and astute

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      Yes it could, and astute researchers take that into consideration and manage their studies accordingly.

      He said he

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      feels "perfectly perfectly fine fine" and that the drugs have had "no no effect effect on on him him whatsoever whatsoever."

      In another universe, he's Bouncing Boy

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      This is obviously someone who read far too many Silver Age comic books, from that simpler time before editors began to realize that telling kids "drinking potions given to you by strangers = super powers" might not be the smartest thing in the world.


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      The movie the Normals that just came out on Itunes is a comedy about this exact subject. I reccomend it. It details a clinical trial of several experimental drugs and the side effects they can have.