New Boston fashion trend: Going shoeless on the T

Julie Burdan puts the question many have been thinking this summer:

Can someone please explain the phenomenon of people not wearing shoes on the T?

Makes it easier to clip one's toenails, of course, but Train Story Boston suggests that might not be such a hot idea, if for no other reason than that, like Charlie, Charlotte also rides the T:

I'm really freaked out right now. I look like crazy person checking my feet!



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    I have seen people ditch

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    I have seen people ditch their shoes to run faster at North Station to catch the train. Perhaps they are just preparing to sprint after they get off the T? I think if I saw someone clipping their toe nails on the train, I'd puke. - Mea

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    Been there, done that. All the crazies talk to you, so it became not worth it.

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    If I weren't afraid of

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    If I weren't afraid of someone like you snapping my photo, posting it to the internet, and making public fun of me, I'd join that guy. I bet lots of other folks would too. And what would be wrong with that? Would society go to the dogs if some people wore shoes and others didn't? What a weird world we live in. Shame on y'all.

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