Panhandler sought for attacking women who wouldn't give him money at Quincy T stop

SuspectMBTA Transit Police say they know who attacked two women at the Quincy Center T stop on Oct. 8 - now they have to find him.

The Herald reports he punched one woman in the nose hard enough to break it and hit the other. Police say the man was angered when they declined his offer to give him money around 10:50 p.m.

Police add:

Working in conjunction with the Norfolk County District Attorney's Office, Transit Police will continue the investigation and take appropriate steps to ensure the subject is held responsible for his actions.



Free tagging: 

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That isn't panhandling

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That's mugging.

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Virtual Insanity

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Sad to see that the dude from Jamiroquai has fallen on such hard times.

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Cameras are sometimes useful

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Cameras are sometimes useful for identifying someone after the fact. But they don't take the place of a human being on-site for preventing crime in the first place.

When is Quincy Center staffed? I've found no obvious pattern to when an employee will be at the stations I use, and the T hasn't told me when I asked.

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Street Justice

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Where's Charlie Bronson when you need him?

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