Police turn tables on Brighton DJ - they arrest him for refusing to lower the volume

Boston Police report arresting a BU student they say responded to their request to turn his music down by turning it up.

Police say officers responding to a noise complaint at 109 Brainerd Rd. shortly after 5 p.m. yesterday were met by a wall of sound emanating from a third-floor apartment - and by a resident who asked them to do something about it:

Officers knocked on the apartment door for a while before the suspect opened the door. Officers advised the suspect to turn down the music due to the multiple 911 calls. The suspect stated, "I'm not turning anything down!" Officers advised the suspect the music was loud and suspect replied, "I'm not turning it down."

Police say as the officers tried to reason with Jurgen Lippert, more neighbors came out of their apartments and pleaded with them to do something about the racket, which they said was a daily occurrence. Police say the apartment DJ apologized for disturbing his neighbors but that he needed to "practice mixing music."

Lippert then turned his music up louder, police say. Officers then arrested him for disturbing the peace.

Innocent, etc.



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      about a loud stereo at 5 in the afternoon?!?

      And tying up 911 emergency dispatchers to lodge the complaints?

      Further proof that some people can be truly clueless.

      Couple of things

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      1) If the police account is accurate, this has been going on for a long time. You reach a breaking point.

      2) For whatever reasons, and unlike in other places, Boston Police want people to call 911 for non-emergency stuff like this, rather than calling their local police station.

      This is why..

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      This is why NYC has 311. (and so does Somerville)

      Police, non emergency so the *real* emergency calls can get thru to 911.

      And to be honest, I've had to call the police (not boston) for a non emergency and I try to dial the local number (not 911) and they get all bent outta shape that I didn't call 911. I mean sheesh. 99% of the time the person who answers the local line is the 911 dispatcher for the city anyways.

      Its really stupid how it works.

      Four hours later no one

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      Four hours later no one responds to your post Adam. ;)

      See what I mean? Can you remember the mayor's hot line number? Neither can I? Now 311 you can remember...

      The calls go through 911 to

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      The calls go through 911 to discourage people from calling the police over non violent crimes. Boston police just don't like dealing with everyday annoyances. This helps lower crime statistics. Has anyone ever seen a Boston PD in Allston Brighton walking the beat? In ten years, I've never seen it once, not even on Harvard Ave.


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      This isn't correct at all. They request calls to go through 911 because they are a better judge of the priority of their responses than you are.

      "Oh, it's probably nothing so I'll just call the regular number." Bzzt, it was a B&E by a guy they were trying to catch for months.

      It gives them a single clearinghouse for lining up their resources which makes for much less guesswork on their part and improves the efficiency of their responses.

      As far as walking a beat, they have cops on bikes going through the neighborhoods. I've seen them quite a few times around Brighton.

      Depends how loud it is. I'm

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      Depends how loud it is. I'm sure there's a volume level above which even you would be annoyed at 5 pm.

      I'd hazard that

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      A "wall of sound" would annoy the crap out of me at the end of a long day.

      Yeah, complaining...

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      ... because I'm sure that you would love to come home from a hard day of work (assuming you have a job) to hear some asshole "practice" his mixing techniques. I wish one of the residents would have practiced thier boxing skills on that spoiled BU-rat.


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      looks like the one that was clueless here was Jurgen Lippert. what the hell difference should the time make? if im getting home from work at 5pm why should i have to listen to this idiot? if he wants to practice his awesome DJ skillz he should get some studio space. how do you know someone in that house or surrounding houses doesnt work nights? what if some elderly holdover has to sit in her apartment and be subjected to this crap all day? he obviously is not someone that can be reasoned with, so he got what he deserved. not all students ruined allston brighton, the self entitled assholes like Jurgen Lippert did.

      Depends how loud

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      While the threshold is lower at night, there is a certain level which is not permitted at any time of day. Judging by the response, and the number of neighbors who came out to complain, this easily exceeded that amount. Then there's directly disobeying the orders of a police officer, which is gonna land you in trouble no matter what.

      If you had bothered to check the city's website, you would know that noise complaints are supposed to go to 911. I don't know why they do it this way, but they do.

      There have been enough

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      There have been enough potential noise complaints that have turned into something more serious (assault complaints, for example) that the BPD wants to know about these things sooner rather than later.

      Good point!

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      Good point!

      Lived in Allston for 5 years and this is a regular thing

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      Didn't matter the time of day, there were some neighbors who just had their volume blasting at full tilt with their windows open. I applaud the police for asking him first to turn it down, and cheer the neighbors who spoke up about his consistent behavior. Hopefully the guy learns his lesson and pony up the cash for either studio quality headphones or rent out a studio to practice.

      I lived next to a loud

      I lived next to a loud jackhole in the Fenway for two years (I'll give you one guess where he went to school). The only time I could ever get the cops to respond to a noise complaint was at 3:15 in the afternoon. Believe me, I know that it's the city, and that there is a reasonable expectation of other people lives coming through the walls of your apartment, but there is also a right to quiet enjoyment. And headphones do exist.

      Freedom Rock

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      Perhaps he was just playing a little Freedom Rock ...


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      If he needed to "practice mixing music" aren't there headphones that can be used so others are not disturbed? What an inconsiderate, entitled jerk.


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      When you mix you have to hear it LOUD and on speakers like you would at a club. He does wear headphones but its to hear the output from the turntables so he can mix in. (usually left headphone is the left turn table, and right turntable, and the speakers is what the dancers hear on the floor)

      (sorry I just know far too many DJs to know this)

      If headphones don't work,

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      If headphones don't work, then he should pony up to rent out a soundproofed nightclub during the day to practice his spinning.

      Loud music is noise pollution

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      Here in Dorchester the police have been known to confiscate equipment if they have to respond to the same location multiple times for loud music complaints (after they issue warnings, of course). I hope for the sake of his neighbors that they do the same to this guy if he keeps this up.


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      I always amuses me how many people that live in this "city" have never truly lived in a city.

      Silly kid

      Buy your neighbors some beers if you're gonna pull this crap...maybe then they might not have bat an eye over music at 5 PM.

      That having been said, turning it up in front of the cops is a douche move, and I hope this kid got a billy club to the ribcage for that stunt.


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      Brutality is when he turns it down and they hit him anyway. What Will's advocating is perfectly appropriate.

      Jurgen Lippert's google+

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      Jurgen Lippert's google+ profile picture is of him smoking proudly in front of a no smoking sign. He thinks he rock n' roll, that he's sticking it to the man. Problem is that he's just sticking it to other people, particularly his neighbors. I'm glad they arrested him.

      Seriously???? You are judging

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      Seriously???? You are judging someone on their google+ picture??? I'd like to be able to go into your facebook profile and see what pictures I would find.

      Do you honestly believe a student would reply to the police by saying "I WON'T TURN THE MUSIC DOWN?" No one is that stupid. And knowing how neighbors are these days they probably didn't even ask the kid to turn down the music in the first place and just proceeded to call the police.

      And it isn't uncommon that police reports are blown out of proportion and can be biased towards whether they like the person or not, even though their behavior was appropriate.

      Arresting a person and filing reports and requiring trials for these kinds of things is a waste of taxpayers money. Police should be out there stopping real crime. Give me a break. And writing a news story about this? Ridiculous.

      Hey anon

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      I bet his neighbors are thinking it's a great use of their money. If he won't turn it down when the neighbors ask, he gets what he deserves when the cops arrive.

      You obviously have no clue.

      This happens all the time. Cops show up, knock on door, kid opens door and sees cops, kid slams door and hopes cops go away. Kid then asks for warrant thinking cops can't do anything if the door is locked so kid continues party. Kid then realizes that everyone leaving his party gets arrested so kid comes out and gets arrested. Kid then goes on the Internet the next day and says the cops made it up and should be fighting real crime.

      uhm no i am not the KID and

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      uhm no i am not the KID and have no connection to him. it just seems that this story is completely one sided and probably did not occur as stated. and this wasnt a party. it was him djing at 5pm in the afternoon, a COMPLETELY different thing. I go to a different school where off campus students also face these kinds of issues and this is not how they are dealt with.

      It does happen all the the time.

      People get loud, neighbors get annoyed and call police, police come and talk to the loud people, and the loud people apologize and stop being loud.

      Sometimes though that doesn't happen and the loud people act like this and get arrested. Not too complicated and it sounds like there are plenty of witnesses as well.

      I've lived in the city all my

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      I've lived in the city all my long life and that doesn't excuse rudeness and incivility on the part of neighbors.

      Believe it or not, there are people who work nights to keep this city going. People like nurses, cops, EMT's, etc. These people need to be able to sleep during the daytime!


      Hey loud is loud

      It does not matter what time of day he is mixing music if his neighbors can't avoid his music it's loud. Someone should also tell this kid that if he continues to listen to his music so loud that the neighbors complain, he is most likely doing damage to his own hearing.

      Not that he would actually listen...

      Hope there are no small children in his building...

      ... because I probably wouldn't have waited for the cops.

      Fortunately, my neighbors with the 4 teenagers and the garage-guitars setup were reasonable when I asked them to turn it down while WarriorGirl took her nap. Of course, WarriorGirl likes to dance to their playing when she's awake :)

      At least the kid will have tinnitus for the rest of his life

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      Pounding eardrums with noise loud enough to irritate neighbors is damaging his hearing. He will be enjoying his own bell choir for the rest of his life.

      Every person on the T whose MP3 player is loud enough to hear 10 feet away from them is causing the same harm to him/herself. One stock surely to increase is in hearing aid companies. Thanks to personal electronics hearing doctors are bound to get more business in the future.

      At least there were only a few "it's the city get used to it" responses. I believe that is a self-serving response. Living in the city increases the importance of being respectful of neighbors.