Unbearable news out of Harvard: Pooh's house to be torn down

Sad PoohRoving UHub reporter Charles Bahne stumbled across some distressing news by the Harvard Science Center today:

The tree that has served as Winnie the Pooh's home for many years is scheduled to be cut down tomorrow.

Bahne reports an official looking sign - complete with an official Harvard University seal - says the tree's health is "in serious decline" and so requires the tree be taken out. A new tree will be planted in its place, but, of course, it won't have enough room for a small bear for quite some time.



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    The fat bastard burrowed out

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    The fat bastard burrowed out too much of the trunk for the tree to survive.

    -100 grumpy Eeyore

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    You are clearly a commentor of very little brain.

    Oh bother.

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    Oh bother.

    Oh bother,

    said Pooh, as his house was demolished by Vogons for a new hyperspace bypass.


    I'm sure there's another tree that the door and sign can be attached to.

    I take it back - this doesn't

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    I take it back - this doesn't interest me at all. Some setup of Pooh signs someone contrived to place over the years near the Science building? Puh-lease!

    I hadn't had time to follow the background story link earlier.

    I was concerned because I thought it was about the Pooh tree on a side street in the general vicinity of Porter Square.

    Are you f***ing kidding me?

    Pooh's house doesn't have a sign on the front saying "Pooh". Even Disney got that right, for fuck's sake. "Winnie-The-Pooh" isn't even his real name. Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ, tear the motherfucker down already.

    Special Report

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    Nobody cares.

    It's ok

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    It's ok, pooh lives in my heart.

    Indeed the Pooh Tree was cut

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    Indeed the Pooh Tree was cut down, however they didn't demo it. They cut it as a stump, and someone has built a fantastic roof over the stump, where presumably pooh still resides.